John Wall came in fourth place behind champion Tony Parker, Rajon Rondo and Deron Williams in the Skills Challenge on All-Star Saturday in Orlando, improving upon his fifth-place last season. But that didn’t mean that there wasn’t another slightly embarrassing moment to go along with Greg Monroe pulling out a rug from under him late in the Rising Stars Challenge.

Wall missed two chest passes but still rallied to finish tied for third with Rondo with a time of 32.8 seconds in the first round of the obstacle course of passing, dribbling and shooting. Wall and Rondo had to do a tiebreaker run to determine who would advance to the final round.

Rondo went first and finished with the best time of the event, in 27.5 seconds. Wall was essentially eliminated when he missed three jumpers. After finally getting his shot to fall, Wall dribbled around some cardboard cutouts and decided to provide some entertainment on the way out by throwing the ball off the backboard and dunking.

Wall’s pass, though, was terrible and bounded off the rim and out of his reach as he leaped. He tracked down the ball, tried it one more time and threw it down to finish in 45.7 seconds. Parker wound up defeating Rondo and Williams in the final with the same time Wall had in the first round.

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