This morning Michael Lee provided more details on JaVale McGee’s amazing block/steal against Portland’s Wesley Matthews.

“I jumped high because I know he has a tendency to dunk on people,” McGee said of Matthews. “I just went up there and tried to give it as much as I could. He pushed the ball and tried to dunk it. It stuck in my hand and I just grabbed it.”

Once again, readers are divided on McGee’s value to the team.

Commenter skinsfan09 writes:

After Wall, and our lottery pick, McGee is easily the Wizards most important/valuable asset.

While rufus_t_firefly says:

I’d settle for fewer of these spectacular plays in return for greater consistency of effort and intensity and better judgement as to when to go for the block and when not to.

Whose side are you on? Did that play change how you feel about McGee’s season?