It might’ve gotten more hype if the video was readily available, or if Kevin Durant hadn’t decided to drop 66 points at the legendary Rucker Park in Harlem, but Nick Young had his own moment on Sunday when he scored 60 points in a Drew League game in Los Angeles.

The video finally surfaced on Tuesday, and the footage is quite impressive, considering the shots that Young got to drop. Young, wearing the No. 0, had 60, and it would have been much more if he was given bonus points for degree of difficuty -- which I sometimes think is his objective.

He hit a flurry of fallaway jumpers but his most impressive shot was a leaning, fading bank shot with two defenders contesting. Young’s team, Young Grangers, lost and missed out on the playoffs though. It’s easy to dismiss the performance since it game in a pickup game, where defense is optional, but you have to give a guy some credit when he scores that many points.

If you ever wondered why Young has little discretion when it comes to shot selection, it’s because there aren’t many shots that he’s unable to hit. He is arguably one of the top-five tough-shot makers in the league. And, when he hits ridiculous, off-balanced shots with people smothering him, then he can only be encouraged to take a few more until they don’t fall. Young has always been a case-study for how basketball truly is a game of confidence.

You probably remember how he used to struggle early in his career if his shot wasn’t falling, but that changed last season when he was finally given a starting job, had some security, some assurance, and he let it fly. Young’s career year was perhaps ill-timed with the lockout delaying his chances to sign a huge extension. That hasn’t stopped him from playing and scoring, as few doubted he could.

Young is getting some exposure this week, with him getting a fashion spread in Edge Magazine, where Young bragged about being the “best dressed man in the NBA” while wearing a questionable leopard print tank top with orange and blue stripes. To each his own, I suppose. The photos that accompany the article also show that Young has sort of caught the tattoo bug. After getting his first ink last summer -- the word “Faith” around his collar -- Young has most of his torso covered in body art.