Even if the NBA season went according to schedule, the Wizards weren’t set to appear on ABC. But somehow, Nick Young and JaVale McGee have managed to make their way on to “Good Morning America” for … what else? Being silly.

Young and McGee have been chronicling lockout life with their YouTube series, “The Nick and JaVale Show.” So far, they’ve rapped at Benihana, put on some slam dunk shows and educated the youth on planking. But their most recent exploits caught the attention of a network morning show, which decided to catch up with how bored NBA players are occupying their time without basketball.

“Good Morning America” news anchor and former ESPN “SportsCenter” host Josh Elliott introduced the “Play of the Day” package about bored NBA players by showing footage of Chris Paul on “Family Feud” and Kevin Durant playing flag football with fraternity members at Oklahoma State to set up the grand finale. In the video, which has about 45,000 hits on YouTube, Young and McGee take on the “Cinnamon Challenge,” in which they attempt to consume a spoonful of cinnamon.

Now, Young and McGee probably would’ve attempted to eat cinnamon with or without a lockout, so it’s hard to say if they were motivated by boredom or just being who they are. Either way, the video was a hit with the hosts. Laughter ensued when McGee failed to handle the cinnamon, as dust flowed through his nostrils before he coughed out the rest.

“That was better than advertised,” GMA host George Stephanopoulos said. “That was great.”

But anchor Lara Spencer probably put it best, “Please, start playing basketball again.”