Trevor Ariza has some recent experience playing alongside John Wall. In fact, it’s as recent as last week.

(Jim Mone/AP)

“I get the rebound, I pass it to him, he pass it to Melo, he pass it to me, I pass it to him and you know, like that. It was fun,” Ariza said Friday at the introductory news conference. “I got to see the things he likes to do. . . . Yeah, Melo did pass.”

Ariza was impressed with the improvement Wall had made in his jumper. He said teams will be forced to be honest with guarding Wall, instead of simply focusing on his drive as they did last season.

From watching Wall last season, Ariza said he was wowed by the guard’s speed. And asked himself: “How does someone move that fast with the basketball?”

“Watching this young team and the talent they already have here and trying to help them grow. I definitely think this can be a playoff team,” said Ariza.

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