The current situation is bleak, but Coach Flip Saunders said recently that he hopes that No. 1 overall pick John Wall and other members of the team have a long memory and will use this experience to motivate him in future seasons.

“Sometimes, you have to go through the growing process. The main thing is that our young players learn and they remember,” Saunders said. “When I had [Kevin] Garnett the first year, he went through a rough year and we went to San Antonio, seven years later, he remembered getting drubbed by 45 as a rookie. It does build character — at least you hope we’re building a lot of character right now.”

Wall is confident that the Wizards will build a team as well. The team has made a number of moves to accumulate more prospects and draft picks for an eventual turnaround. And while Wall is disappointed by the challenges of this seasons, he appreciates the steps that are being taken to get better.

“I think they are doing a great job of collecting talent. They’re trying to get the right people around us and getting the team back. We know it’s a rebuilding process and it’s going to be ups and downs. I hoped this year would be better, but it’s tough right now. All we can do is try to finish strong,” Wall said. “I looked at how a lot of people did their first year. Kevin Durant and them got better and now they are a playoff team. I hope we can come out and be the same way or better.”


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