Ted Leonsis confirmed on his blog, Ted’s Take, that he was among the 25 NBA owners who voted to approve the new 10-year collective bargaining agreement that would ensure a 66-game season beginning on Christmas. Five owners voted against the new deal.


Teams can begin signing rookies and free agents beginning at 2 p.m. on Friday and the Wizards will hold their first practice at Verizon Center three hours later. Leonis addressed some of the reports that labeled him as a hard-line “hawk” during the negotiations in his blog. He wrote:

“There is no need to look backwards- to address issues raised during the lockout. There was a lot said - a lot written - a lot speculated. Some of it seemed quite emotional - some if it hurtful; some of it factually incorrect. But we move forward now - we take the high road - as the quiet period is over - we talk of a new day and a go forward plan, only! My main focus during all of the negotiations and discussions was that we all have the opportunity to craft a team that can be competitive - that can be kept together and that can compete for championships.”


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