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There will be a new face at the Federal Reserve’s policy-setting meeting in Washington this week, the first of a string of turnovers.

Republicans question Fed handling of sensitive data

Confidential staff forecasts were inadvertently made public

Many investors are questioning whether financial markets are out of sync with economic performance -- and whether that heralds a potentially painful adjustment down the road.

Activist coalition planning protest at New York Fed on Tuesday

Consumers already are thinking about buying a home while rates are low, according to Redfin

The Fed continues to plan to raise interest rates this year.

The Federal Reserve chair is building a case for bringing the era of easy money to an end despite increasingly vocal calls for delay.

Outside the central bank, there is doubt over the central bank's timeline for raising interest rates

The data from the Labor Department indicate that the U.S. jobs recovery is continuing at a decent clip, a sign that the economy has underlying strength despite other recent data showing the recovery in a slump.

Global growth is the weakest since the financial crisis

New research challenges one of the biggest assumptions about the Federal Reserve

A top Fed official has a big proposal for how the central bank should change what it does

Delaying could risk overheating the economy

The Fed is widely expected to start raising the interest rate again this year. But disappointing economic growth, low inflation and a slowing job market have cast doubt on the timing.

The most powerful man in Europe speaks.

Sen. Richard Shelby wants to keep a closer eye on the Fed

Here's the full text of the FOMC statement released March 18.

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  • Mar 18, 2015
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Demonstrators will meet with Fed Chair Janet Yellen this afternoon, armed with a list of demands aimed at prolonging central bank stimulus and increasing public input.

Top central bank officials say the moves are a sign of a stronger recovery -- not a reflection of a Fed out of firepower.

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