Beyonce performs at the MTV Video Music Awards, shortly before showing off her baby bump. (Matt Sayles/AP)

Possibly the most manufactured award show ever, the VMA’s, a three-hour-long commercial for MTV, got its showstopper Sunday night. Instead of a talking rear end or a snake-draped Britney Spears, it’s far more domestic: the music-making powerhouses of Beyonce and Jay-Z will soon be parents.

WEATHER: Irene leaves damage in her weakened wake

At least 24 people died, towns flooded and thousands remain without power, yet some people still complained Hurricane Irene was overhyped. As people face the cleanup process, government officials and the media ask if anyone can be over prepared for a storm.

WORLD: Gaddafi still on the run

Though Tripoli appears to be in the hands of the National Transitional Council, Moammar Gaddafi is still in hiding and parts of Libya have yet to fall to the rebel fighters. Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte is still a strong holdout and some speculate Gaddafi escaped there.

SPORTS: Usain Bolt disqualified for a false start

The world’s fastest man was a little too quick this weekend when Usain Bolt took off for the 100-meter race before the gun shot signaled its start.