First the image went viral: a woman, ripped of her clothes, cowered on the ground before an Egyptian solider with a raised boot over her bare stomach. Then came the video, which offered up more horrific violence. Not only was the woman in a blue bra beaten, but when passersby interjected to help pull her clothes back on, they, too, were swung to the ground and beaten repeatedly with batons.

An Egyptian protester holds a sketch reading “(Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein) Tantawi, get your dogs off me” and depicting the widespread picture of a veiled woman whose clothes were ripped and who was beaten by military police last week. (Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images)

One woman, pictured in a red jacket in the original video, was located by CNN trhough Egyptian activists. In an earlier interview, the woman describes the attack and her subsequent injuries, but by the time CNN can locate her, she can no longer speak to the camera. Rather, she lays moaning in a hospital bed, crying out that she is going to die.

The violence in the videos has spurred on international outrage against the Egyptian military’s tactics. The military has since apologized to women protesters for its “transgressions,” Al Arabiya reports. However, many believe the woman in the blue bra — as yet unidentified — has given rise to a resurgence in the protests.