A demonstrator holds an Israeli flag with shoes on it as he attends a protest in front of the Israeli Embassy in Cairo on Aug. 26. (Khalil Hamra/AP)

A group of Egyptians took hammers to the wall separating the Israeli Embassy from Cairo, breaking down the concrete barrier.

Since Hosni Mubarak’s fall, tensions have continued to rise between Israel and Egypt. Mubarak had been seen as a close ally of Israel — too close, to some of his countrymen.

Last month Israel-Egypt relations were severely tested when five Egyptian police were killed during a firefight on the two countries’ border. Israel later apologized, but protests over the 30-year-old peace agreement with Israel have continued in Egypt.

Al-Jazeera aired live video of the attack on the wall Friday, with images of protesters praying outside the compound, some pounding on the wall with tools and others scaling the wall.

Sherine Tadros, an al-Jazeera correspondent, wrote on Twitter that police were not yet at the embassy. She took this photo, writing that men were waving the Palestinian flag on top of the demolished wall: