(Mark Lennihan/AP)

NATIONAL: New York passes gay marriage law

Pictured above, Paola Perez, left, and her partner Linda Collazo, march in the annual Gay Pride parade in Greenwich Village, Sunday. One of the world's oldest and largest gay pride parades became a victory celebration Sunday after New York's historic decision to legalize same-sex marriage. The law signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) Friday takes effect in 30 days.

WORLD: Afghan girl tricked into suicide bomb attack

An eight-year-old girl died in an explosion after carrying a bomb near a police vehicle, Afghan officials said. Officials believe the Taliban gave the package to her and she was unaware of the contents. She was the only person killed in the explosion.

NATIONAL: E-mails reveal doubt on future of natural gas

Doubts have risen over the lucrative hopes placed on drilling for natural gas, according to leaked e-mails from the Energy Information Administration obtained by the New York Times. The Times reports: “One official says the shale industry may be ‘set up for failure.’ ‘It is quite likely that many of these companies will go bankrupt,’ a senior adviser to the Energy Information Administration administrator predicts. Several officials echo concerns raised during previous bubbles, in housing and in technology stocks, for example, that ended in a bust.”

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