(David Kadlubowski/AP)

A fan at a baseball game at Chase Field in Phoenix almost became the second man to die recently after trying to catch a ball from the stands. Keith Carmickle lost his balance when leaping for a ball. Thanks to his brother, friends and fans, pictured above, he was saved from the fall. Sadly, Shannon Stone, a Texas Rangers fan, was not. He died Thursday from injuries sustained after falling from the balcony.

NATIONAL: ‘Sister Wives’ husband heads to court

From reality stars to advocates: Kody Brown, the star of the TV show “Sister Wives,” will challenge the Utah bigamy law on Wednesday. The lawsuit will challenge the Utah’s right to prosecute people for their private relationships. It will also, likely, make for great reality television.

WORLD: Ahmed Wali Karzai, brother to Afghanistan president, killed

The half-brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai was killed by a trusted guard. The Taliban claimed responsibility for Ahmed Wali Karzai’s death. He was widely considered the most powerful man in southern Afghanistan and has been accused of growing wealthy off the opium trade.

WORLD: Gordon Brown condemns “disgusting work”

Gordon Brown says News International used people with criminal links to invade privacy. A former reporter for the News of the World told the New York Times the Scotland Yard took $500 each time the police allowed them to use a secure phone technology to track people’s locations.