(Ali Al-Saadi/AFP/Getty Images)

Two car bombs exploded in south-central Iraq, killing at least 24 people Tuesday. On Monday, a French embassy convoy was attacked in the Iraqi capital Baghdad (pictured above). The Post’s Tim Craig and Aziz Alwan write, “Insurgents and terror groups have been stepping up attacks on federal and local government facilities across the country, underscoring the perilous state of security — for both Iraqis and U.S. soldiers — as American forces prepare to withdraw by Dec. 31.”

TECH: Lulz Sec leader reportedly arrested

The group that has been wreaking havoc on the web for laughs may be without a leader. Reports from Sky News state that a 19-year-old British man has been arrested in a joint FBI and Scotland Yard sting.

WORLD: Former Tunisia president sentenced to 35 years

The Tunis Criminal Court tried former president Ben Ali and his wife for money laundering and drug trafficking and convicted them in absentia after $27 million in jewels and public funds were found in one of his palaces. Ali, living in exile in Saudi Arabia, called the trial a “masquerade.” Saudi Arabia did not respond to an extradition request from Tunisia.

WORLD: Fukushima fallout

Japan is still discovering new hot pockets of radioactive particles, widening the danger zones after the March disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant. The fallout, and the estimated $300 billion cost of recovery after the earthquake and tsunami, have renewed calls for the prime minister to step down and kicked off emergency talks for the International Atomic Energy Agency, with a focus on new safety regulations.

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