WEATHER: Katia becomes a hurricane; Irene’s underestimated punch was the rain

Though Katia is still spinning in the central Atlantic, she’ll be moving into the Caribbean as a hurricane. Meanwhile, as recovery begins for post-Irene cleanup, Joel Achenbach takes a look at the un-sexy, but deadly characteristic of the storm: rainfall. “Precipitation is the underestimated, mundane, unexotic hazard of a tropical storm. No one fears rain. It is familiar, unlike a gale that gusts to 110 miles an hour or a sea that foams and rages. But floods can be killers, their effects felt far inland.” Read more here.

MILITARY: No U.S. troops died in Iraq in August

As August ends, a bit of good news in Iraq: no U.S. troops died, marking the first month with no military deaths since the start of the invasion in 2003. In all, 4,465 American soliders have died in Iraq. While the news is good in Iraq, the same can’t be said for Afghanistan. August marked the deadliest month for U.S. troops, with 66 soliders killed.

WORLD: CIA files emerge in a New York billing dispute

Ina small courthouse in upstate New York, a billing dispute among contractors has offered clues into the controversial rendition program and the shuttling of suspected terrorists among worldwide prisoners for the CIA.

WORLD: Syrian official resigns over brutal killings of protesters

Announces his resignation citing mass graves and destruction of homes