A new camera may be able to make even the foggiest of photos turn out sharp and full of life. The Lytro camera launched Tuesday and has a post-focus feature, letting you adjust the depth of the photo after you’ve taken it.

(Click once on the image to refocus the photograph.)

The concept is not totally new to the camera world: it’s a technology that overlays the sensor of the camera with a multitude of mini-lenses. This sensor captures not only the “color and intensity of the light, but also the direction,” Wired reports.

Lytro plans to bring the camera to market this year at a competitive price. The creator, Ren Ng, said he got the inspiration for the camera when he was trying to capture a friend’s 5-year-old daughter. “She was so full of life, it was nearly impossible to capture the fleeting moments of her smile or perfectly focus the light in her eyes,” he wrote on the company blog. Play around with some of the images to see what Ng created eight years later.

(All images courtesy of Lytro/Eric Cheng)