(Courtesy MTV)


The beacon of youth is officially too old to be trusted (if Mick Jagger’s “Never trust anyone over 30,” is to be believed). On Monday, the cable television channel will turn 30. MTV brought us (pictured above, clockwise from bottom left) Yo! MTV Raps, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson and Lisa Presley’s kiss, JackAss, MoonMen and Daria. Go celebrate by dressing scantily and angering your parents.

NATIONAL: AWOL solider held in Fort Hood case

A gun shop clerk tipped off the police after suspecting a 21-year-old solider may have been plotting an attack on the Texas military base. Pfc. Naser Abdo was arrested after authorities discovered bomb-making materials in his motel room.

WORLD: Iman Al-Obeidi comes to the U.S.

Iman Al-Obeidi, who burst into a hotel in Libya shouting about how she had been raped by government forces, has arrived in the U.S. She was granted asylum and will reside in the states, CNN reports.

SCIENCE: Arctic scientist suspended over polar bear report

Charles Monnett helped galvanize the global warming movement with his research on polar bears. Now that research may have gotten him suspended. He is on leave pending an investigation on “integrity issues.”

HISTORY: Rosa Parks details attempted rape

In a handwritten essay found among archive items in Rosa Parks’s home, the “mother of the civil writes movement wrote a harrowing account of nearly being raped by her white neighbor in 1931.