Airbus introduced planes for a glass-walled plane (pictured above). The walls will be made of an organic material that will allow holographic displays for games and media in case looking out at the world thousands of miles below you won’t entertain you enough. As if planes weren’t frightening enough. Thankfully, it won’t be ready for another four decades.

NATIONAL: Arizona fires suspected cause — a campfire

Police questioned two people “of interest” in the investigation into the wildfires that have spread across Arizona and into New Mexico. The suspected cause of the wildfires is a campfire gone out of control.

TECH: Lip-syncing to songs on YouTube may mean five years in jail

A new bill will punish anyone who uploads copyrighted work onto the Internet, even if the video presents it in a new way. So for all the young teenagers lip syncing to their favorite Justin Bieber song, the price for a bit of Internet fame could wind up being years in jail.

WORLD: Pakistan arrests CIA informants?

The informants who helped the CIA track down Osama bin Laden have reportedly been taken into custody by Pakistan, though top Pakistani officials denies there have been any arrests.

ODD: Lion tries to eat a baby. Cuteness ensues