Sad story of the day: He was too little to sit and see over the steering wheel, so he stood up on the car floor and pressed the gas pedal with his bare feet. Wearing only his pajamas, the unidentified seven year old from Flint, Mich., was on a mission: to see his dad. He stole his step-father’s Pontiac Sunbird and struck out on the road. After two people called in to report a suspicious driver (“I just passed about a five-, six-year-old kid,” says one baffled caller to 911), the police caught up to the boy and managed to get him to slow down (at times his car reached speeds of 55 mph).

He managed to make it 20 miles on his way to his father’s house and the police said when he finally opened the door, the boy could only cry and say he wanted to see his dad. Child services are investigating the family.