A home in Burlington, N.D., about nine miles northwest of Minot, N.D., sits surrounded by flood water from the Souris River. (Dale Wetzel/AP)

The Souris River has spilled over most of the levees as it rises to levels not seen in 130 years. Thousands have evacuated Minot as a swollen river threatens the fourth-largest town in North Dakota.

 North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple has announced that most levees have been breached and the federal government has gone on alert for emergency resources. After a helicopter tour of the town, Dalrymple said that the levee protecting a main north-south bridge, which is already taller than most houses, may not be high enough to stop the flooding. Though the water is already several feet deep in most of downtown Minot, the water is expected to rise another six feet.

The mayor Curt Zimbelman has set a 6 p.m. evacuation deadline, the Associated Press reports. Many of the town’s citizens are turning to a Facebook page set up by television channel KX News to share news.

The scene from above:

Flood waters begin to pour through a breached levee and flood the Minot Country Club. (Christian Randolph/AP)

A submerged car in Minot. (Carrie Snyder/AP)