Just six weeks after a jubilant Independence Day in South Sudan, violence has struck the new country. (Thomas Mukoya/Reuters)

Cattle is one of the largest sources and indicators of wealth in the nation, and two tribes have escalated tensions over a series of large-scale cattle raids, the United Nations reports.

After 26,000 cattle were stolen, members of the Murle tribe attacked the villages of the Lou Nuer, CNN reports. Between January and June, nearly 2,400 people died, most as a result of cattle rustling incidents.

“This cycle of violence must stop,” Hilde Johnson, the U.N.’s Special Representative for South Sudan said. “That so many people have been killed and injured again in such wanton destruction is unacceptable.”

South Sudan ended a two-decade civil war with Sudan in 2005, officially became Africa’s 54th nation last month.

The Associated Press reports: “The new country continues to struggle with internal violence, including cattle raids, a form of cultural and economic violence between tribes that is devastating communities.”