Syrian anti-regime protesters gather during a rally in al-Assy square in the western city of Hama, Syria. The Arabic on the banner reads,"We will never forget our martyrs and prisoners." (AP/Shaam News Network)

For 18 consecutive weeks, Syrians have marched in protest, seeking the ouster of President Bashar al-Assad and drawing a harsh crackdown in response from government forces.

The United Nations blog, UN Dispatch, just posted this video which purports to have been filmed in a house in Daraa that armed forces are about to raid:

Mark Leon Goldberg writes:

Security forces very brutally suppressed revolt in that city, raising allegations of a widespread massacre. So far, Syrian officials have refused to let a Human Rights Council mandated investigative team enter the country to look into these allegations.

On Thursday, the Post’s Liz Sly wrote that the revolution in Syria is still leaderless, in part because of the severity of the crackdown.

“The real protagonists of this youthful revolt cannot gather to strategize, debate the way forward or select representatives,” Sly wrote.. “An attempt to link a conference of exiles in Istanbul with an assembly of domestic opponents in Damascus this month was abandoned because security forces surrounded the site and killed demonstrators the day before, making it too dangerous for participants to attend.”