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Cuba tries a delicate balancing act in the middle of the escalating Venezuela-U.S. dispute.

It's not Venezuela. Now it's Argentina that wants to use the heavy hand of the state to grip the invisible hand of the market.

It seems something truly dirty has been going on at Maquetia.

It's a complicated term.

Venezuela's middle class had long been placated with arcane foreign exchange laws.

Venezuela's economy is in the tanks.

Euromaidan gets more headlines, but why?

The half-built, 45-story financial center was supposed to be a testament to Venezuela's economic boom. Now it's the world's tallest slum.

Maduro charged that an "imperialist elite" in the U.S. had "created an evil system, halfway Orwellian, that intends to control the communications of the world."

  • Juan Forero
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  • Jul 2, 2013
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The State Department has long warned employees of danger in the Venezuelan capital, where two embassy personnel were wounded Tuesday morning

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