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Russian President Vladimir Putin landed in Egypt on Monday, calling on fellow strongman and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sissi

Nine-year-old jokingly observes that China's president might like to lose some weight, but censors don't get the joke.

He presides over a one-party state that silences its critics ruthlessly. But China’s President Xi Jinping is not only wildly popular in his own country, he could be the most popular world leader globally, a new survey shows.

Donetsk separatists are now defying Moscow and Kiev.

Putin's historical aside shouldn't go unnoticed.

Russian analysts casts doubt on Putin's claims.

But no, you're probably not richer than him.

It involves a story about a dog.

Official statements paint contrasting pictures.

“They sit there across the pond as if in a lab running all kinds of experiments on the rats."

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