Bob Schoultz
Naval/Academic Leader

Captain Bob Schoultz (U.S. Navy, Ret.) directs the Master of Science in Global Leadership at the University of San Diego’s School of Business Administration.

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Herman Cain vs. Herman Cain

Herman Cain vs. Herman Cain

Our system of government bestows on the president two particularly important roles, each in symbiotic tension with the other.

Interview people you admire

“These interviews will teach you many things, some subtle, some not so subtle. But one thing you will learn is that...”

In bin Laden mission, delegating responsibility

“I don’t believe that finding bin Laden should have been the president’s top priority, even in the current war, but telling CIA director Leon Panetta that it...”

It’s a tough business

“Purists will demand that each individual stand on their principles, always.  However we do live in a community...”