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July 30, 2017
July 30
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#1 last week
The Late Show
By Michael Connelly
A night shift detective refuses to give up two cases which results in her working double shifts while confronting her personal demons. (Little, Brown and Company, $28)
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8 weeks on list
#3 last week
Camino Island
By John Grisham
A young novelist investigates a rare book dealer who dabbles in the black market (Doubleday, $28.95)
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The Lying Game
By Ruth Ware
A deadly game concocted by four boarding-school friends has repercussions that follow them into adult life. (Gallery/Scout Press, $26.99)
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#2 last week
House of Spies
By Daniel Silva
Another installment in the Gabriel Allon series centered on hunting down an ISIS mastermind. (Harper, $28.99)
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The Painted Queen
By Elizabeth Peters
An Englishwoman and her archaeologist husband witness the discovery of the bust of Nefertiti and must find the criminal who stole it. (William Morrow, $27.99)
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29 weeks on list
#4 last week
A Gentleman in Moscow
By Amor Towles
A Russian aristocrat is under house arrest in Moscow. (Viking, $27)
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13 weeks on list
#7 last week
Into the Water
By Paula Hawkins
Two bodies surface in a river and with them a town's secrets. (Riverhead, $28)
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5 weeks on list
#6 last week
Use of Force
By Brad Thor
The CIA seeks the help of a former Navy SEAL turned covert counterterrorism operative when a body of a highly suspected terrorist washes up on the Mediterranean shore. (Atria/Emily Bestler Books, $27.99)
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Battlefront II
By Christie Golden
The Inferno Squad - the Empire's elite Imperial soldiers - must squash the Republic freedom fighter group, The Partisans, after the plans for the Death Star are stolen. (Del Rey, $28.99)
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Paradise Valley
By C. J. Box
A disgraced detective embarks searches for a missing local kid while looking for the serial killer that brought an end to her career. (Minotaur Books, $27.99)
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#5 last week
Murder Games
By James Patterson
A thriller author is recruited by a NYPD detective to help solve a series of murders. (Little, Brown and Company, $28)
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5 weeks on list
Norse Mythology
By Neil Gaiman
A collection of norse mythology. (W. W. Norton & Company, $25.95)
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8 weeks on list
#8 last week
The Ministry of Utmost Happiness
By Arundhati Roy
Lives intertwine in India in this novel by the author of "The God of Small Things." (Knopf, $28.95)
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5 weeks on list
#9 last week
The Duchess
By Danielle Steel
An aristocratic woman establishes a house of pleasure in order to help young women. (Delacorte Press, $28.99)
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By Linda Fairstein
New York City assistant district attorney unravels a mess of secrets after the assassination of an iconic public figure. (Dutton, $28)
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Rankings reflect sales for week ended July 30, 2017.
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