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September 9, 2018
September 9
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16 weeks on list
#1 last week
Crazy Rich Asians
By Kevin Kwan
An Asian American woman gets a crash course in high-society life when she travels to Singapore to meet her boyfriend's family. (Anchor, $16)
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Leverage in Death
By J. D. Robb
Lieutenant Eve Dallas tries to uncover the motive behind a suicide bombing involving a Wall Street executive. (St. Martin's, $28.99)
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5 weeks on list
#2 last week
China Rich Girlfriend
By Kevin Kwan
In this sequel to "Crazy Rich Asians," Rachel discovers the true identity of her father on the eve of her wedding. (Anchor, $16)
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In His Father's Footsteps
By Danielle Steel
The generation-spanning novel begins with two friends escaping post-war Germany to start a new life in New York. (Delacorte, $28.99)
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4 weeks on list
#4 last week
Rich People Problems
By Kevin Kwan
The third book in the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy: The Shang-Young clan gather as a grandmother nears death. (Anchor, $16.95)
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What Have You Done
By Matthew Farrell
A forensics specialist is assigned to investigate a homicide case when he realizes that he might be a prime suspect/
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Her Cherry
By Penelope Bloom
A romantic comedy about a woman who owns a bakery and the kleptomaniac she falls for.
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4 weeks on list
#3 last week
Texas Ranger
By James Patterson
A Texas ranger accused of murdering his ex-wife attempts to track down the real killer. (Little, Brown, $28)
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14 weeks on list
#6 last week
The President Is Missing
By James Patterson, Bill Clinton
The president goes underground to stop a cyberterrorist plot to destroy the United States. (Little, Brown and Knop, $30)
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Dark Sentinel
By Christine Feehan
After losing her family, a woman captures the attention of an ancient monk and a dangerous vampire. (Berkley, $27)
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The Ragged Edge of Night
By Olivia Hawker
A Franciscan friar relocates to a German hamlet during WWII and learns of an underground network plotting to assassinate Hitler.
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26 weeks on list
The Handmaid's Tale
By Margaret Atwood
A dystopian story set in a theocratic-totalitarian state. (Anchor, $15.95)
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A Case of Need
By Michael Crichton
After the death of his daughter due a to a botched abortion, a father uncovers a secret that shocks his community.
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11 weeks on list
#5 last week
Sharp Objects
By Gillian Flynn
A troubled journalist returns to her home town to report on the murders of two young girls. (Broadway, $16)
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Y is for Yesterday
By Sue Grafton
Kinsey Millhone gets entangled in a case involving a video tape documenting a 1979 sexual assualt case and must find the man responsible for releasing the tape.
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