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January 13, 2019
January 13
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17 weeks on list
Where the Crawdads Sing
By Delia Owens
Two young men forge a friendship with a young hermit accused of murder. (Putnam, $26)
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The Kiss Thief
By LJ Shen
A woman is forced into a marriage because of her father's misdeeds.
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2 weeks on list
#6 last week
The Killer Collective
By Barry Eisler
After an attempt on her life, a Seattle Police detective puts together an ad-hoc group to investigate.
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The House Next Door
By James Patterson
Three suspenseful stories with life-or-death consequences. (Grand Central, $15.99)
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The New Iberia Blues
By James Lee Burke
Detective Dave Robicheaux attempts to figure out who killed a young woman near a Hollywood director's estate. (Simon & Schuster, $27.99)
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10 weeks on list
#3 last week
The Reckoning
By John Grisham
A decorated World War II hero shocks his community when he murders his friend and refuses to divulge his motive. (Doubleday, $29.95)
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2 weeks on list
#7 last week
The Forgotten Hours
By Katrin Schumann
The daughter of a man accused of sexual assault returns to her family's lakeside cabin where painful memories await.
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The Snow Gypsy
By Lindsay Jayne Ashford
Two women venture to Spain's mountain communities for closure following the close of World War II.
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Blood for Blood
By Victoria Selman
A former special forces profiler attempts to find a serial killer, when she realizes the killer is tracing her.
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21 weeks on list
#4 last week
Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine
By Gail Honeyman
An anti-social woman comes out of her shell with the help of a co-worker and an elderly man. (Penguin, $16)
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12 weeks on list
#8 last week
Beneath a Scarlet Sky
By Mark Sullivan
A young man joins an underground railroad for Jews during World War II and becomes the driver for a high-ranking German officer. (Lake Union , $14.95)
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By Jayne Ann Krentz
FBI consultant Jack Lancaster's attempts to find inner peace are stymied when he finds himself a target. (Berkley, $27)
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3 weeks on list
A Dog's Way Home
By W. Bruce Cameron
The endearing story of a lost dog's journey to find her family. (Forge Trade, $14.99)
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3 weeks on list
#2 last week
Bird Box
By Josh Malerman
In a post apocalyptic world, a woman takes her two children to safety with the added task of keeping all of them blindfolded during the harrowing journey.
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13 weeks on list
#11 last week
Every Breath
By Nicholas Sparks
A woman returns to North Carolina to help sell her family cottage and meets a man who has received a letter from someone claiming to be his father. (Grand Central, $28)
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