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March 17, 2019
March 17
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The Post compiles its bestsellers lists by combining hard cover, paperback and ebook sales data from NPD Book and Amazon.com — including qualified borrows of books read through Amazon's digital subscription program. The Post excludes non-narrative books at its sole discretion. Amazon founder and chief executive Jeffrey P. Bezos owns The Post.
Girl, Stop Apologizing
By Rachel Hollis
A look at how women can be their most authentic selves rather than letting society define their roles for them. (HarperCollins Leadership, $24.99)
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The Back Channel
By William J. Burns
A former diplomat looks back at his career-defining moments. (Random House, $32)
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36 weeks on list
#5 last week
By Tara Westover
A memoir by a woman from a survivalist family who earned a PhD from Cambridge. (Random House, $28)
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Love You Hard
By Abby Maslin
A woman looks back at the aftermath of a brutal attack that left her husband with a traumatic brain injury. (Dutton, $27)
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4 weeks on list
#13 last week
The Uninhabitable Earth
By David Wallace-Wells
A meditation on the world, climate change and a generation's responsibility. (Tim Duggan, $27)
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39 weeks on list
#9 last week
Girl, Wash Your Face
By Rachel Hollis
The founder of TheChicSite.com, on how to live a meaningful, truthful life. (Thomas Nelson, $22.99)
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2 weeks on list
#3 last week
The Case for Trump
By Victor Davis Hanson
The political commentator argues that Donald Trump is one of the most successful presidents in history. (Basic, $30)
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14 weeks on list
#12 last week
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
By Marie Kondō
A popular guide in how to organize and declutter your space and mind. (Ten Speed Press, $16.99)
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7 weeks on list
#14 last week
Dreyer's English
By Benjamin Dreyer
Random House’s copy chief teaches proper grammar usage. (Random House, $25)
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Mama's Last Hug
By Frans de Waal
A researcher explores the similarities between animals and humans. (Norton, $27.95)
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11 weeks on list
#7 last week
Bad Blood
By John Carreyrou
An examination of the rise and fall of Theranos, a biotech company once valued at $9 billion. (Knopf, $27.95)
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2 weeks on list
Keto Diet
By Josh Axe
How to incorporate the low-carb diet into everyday life. (Little, Brown Spark, $28)
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2 weeks on list
Say Nothing
By Patrick Radden Keefe
A look back at the Troubles that ravaged Northern Ireland through the story of an abducted mother of 10 who was later found shot. (Doubleday, $28.95)
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84 weeks on list
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
By Mark Manson
A blogger counters the positive attitude of self-help books. (HarperOne, $24.99)
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2 weeks on list
#11 last week
Madame Fourcade's Secret War
By Lynne Olson
Revisiting the life of a young mother who led a privileged life and became a successful spy during World War II. (Random House, $30)
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Rankings reflect sales for week ended March 17, 2019.
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