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September 9, 2018
September 9
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20 weeks on list
#1 last week
Crazy Rich Asians
By Kevin Kwan
An Asian American woman gets a crash course in high-society life when she travels to Singapore to meet her boyfriend's family. (Anchor, $16)
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Uncommon Type
By Tom Hanks
The short stories in this collection by the Oscar-winning actor have one common thread: Each tale involves a typewriter. (Vintage, $16)
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7 weeks on list
#3 last week
China Rich Girlfriend
By Kevin Kwan
In this sequel to "Crazy Rich Asians," Rachel discovers the true identity of her father on the eve of her wedding. (Anchor, $16)
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7 weeks on list
#5 last week
Rich People Problems
By Kevin Kwan
The third book in the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy: The Shang-Young clan gather as a grandmother nears death. (Anchor, $16.95)
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63 weeks on list
#6 last week
Fahrenheit 451
By Ray Bradbury
The classic about a future war on books. (Simon & Schuster, $15.99)
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122 weeks on list
#9 last week
To Kill a Mockingbird
By Harper Lee
The Pulitzer Prize-winning tale set in the Depression-era South. (Vintage, $14.99)
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48 weeks on list
#8 last week
By George Orwell
A classic novel about the perils of a totalitarian police state. (Signet Classic, $9.99)
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16 weeks on list
#2 last week
By Andrew Sean Greer
A novelist accepts invitations to literary events around the world to avoid his ex-boyfriend's wedding. (Back Bay, $15.99)
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22 weeks on list
Lord of the Flies
By William Golding
The classic, unsettling tale of English schoolboys stranded on a deserted isle. (Penguin , $9.99)
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112 weeks on list
#10 last week
The Great Gatsby
By F. Scott Fitzgerald
A novel of love lost and fortunes gained in the Jazz Age. (Scribner, $16)
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14 weeks on list
#11 last week
Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine
By Gail Honeyman
An anti-social woman comes out of her shell with the help of a co-worker and an elderly man. (Penguin, $16)
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43 weeks on list
#4 last week
By Min Jin Lee
A poor Korean family tries to find success in Japan. (Grand Central , $15.99)
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110 weeks on list
#15 last week
The Alchemist
By Paulo Coelho
A Spanish shepherd boy goes on a journey of discovery through North Africa. (HarperOne, $16.99)
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The Tattooist of Auschwitz
By Heather Morris
A Jewish man imprisoned at Auschwitz-Birkenau is tasked with tattooing his fellow inmates when he falls in love with another prisoner. (Harper, $16.99)
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167 weeks on list
The Kite Runner
By Khaled Hosseini
An Afghan returns to his Taliban-ruled country to atone for a past betrayal. (Riverhead, $14.4)
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Rankings reflect sales for week ended September 9, 2018.
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