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Brad Hirschfield Live: What do we need most in the wake of the shootings in Newtown?
(vForum, December 20, 2012; 12:00 PM)
Brad Hirschfield Live: Who's to blame in London nurse's suicide?
(vForum, December 14, 2012; 2:15 PM)
Brad Hirschfield Live: On the fiscal cliff, does either side really want a deal?
(vForum, December 6, 2012; 4:45 PM)
Brad Hirschfield Live: U.N. recognizes state of Palestine. What does it mean?
(vForum, November 30, 2012; 1:05 PM)
Brad Hirschfield Live: Should we fight Christmas before celebrating Thanksgiving?
(vForum, November 21, 2012; 12:05 PM)
Brad Hirschfield Live: General malfunction?
(vForum, November 16, 2012; 1:05 PM)
Brad Hirschfield Live: Can the nation come together after a bitter election?
(vForum, November 15, 2012; 3:55 PM)
Brad Hirschfield Live:Can we be one nation following such a closely contested and often bitterly fought election?
(vForum, November 6, 2012; 1:45 PM)
Brad Hirschfield Live: Is being raised by a neo-Nazi a defense against murder charges?
(vForum, November 1, 2012; 2:10 PM)
Brad Hirschfield Live: In the debate, which candidate spoke to your ethics and values?
(vForum, October 17, 2012; 1:00 PM)
Does the Nobel Peace Prize matter?
(vForum, October 12, 2012; 12:10 PM)
Values and ethics issues of the presidential debate
(vForum, October 4, 2012; 2:05 PM)
Is creationism inappropriate for children?
(vForum, September 25, 2012; 12:05 PM)
Romney caught off guard
(vForum, September 19, 2012; 2:05 PM)
Is religious violence real? The anniversary of 9/11 is over, but the question remains.
(vForum, September 12, 2012; 1:00 PM)
How was God lost and found at the DNC? Why it matters for all of us.
(vForum, September 7, 2012; 2:10 PM)
Is God angry at the GOP? At New Orleans?
(vForum, August 28, 2012; 1:05 PM)
Should Todd Akin be forgiven?
(vForum, August 22, 2012; 12:05 PM)
Wikileaks: Did Ecuador make the right decision?
(vForum, August 16, 2012; 1:15 PM)
Brad Hirschfield: The need to protect sources is real, as is the value of "off the record" statements, but did Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid cross the line?
(vForum, August 8, 2012; 1:00 PM)
Brad Hirschfield: Regarding Chick-fil-A, is boycotting a company because of its president's personal views really the way to go?
(vForum, August 1, 2012; 2:10 PM)
Brad Hirschfield: Did the NCAA get it right or did they go too far in punishing Penn State. Was their response ethical? Wise?
(vForum, July 24, 2012; 1:05 PM)
Brad Hirschfield: Is Obama's "self-made" business philosophy right?
(vForum, July 18, 2012; 1:00 PM)
Brad Hirschfield: If you were Joe Paterno
(vForum, July 13, 2012; 12:10 PM)
Should this lifeguard have been fired?
(vForum, July 6, 2012; 2:10 PM)
The Supreme Court: Can the Justices remain objective?
(vForum, June 29, 2012; 12:10 PM)
Brad Hirschfield: Should the KKK be able to adopt a highway?
(vForum, June 13, 2012; 2:00 PM)
CANCELED: Brad Hirschfield: Ethics in the news
(vForum, June 8, 2012; 1:10 PM)
Brad Hirschfield: Is NYC's proposed ban on large, sugary drinks ethical?
(vForum, May 31, 2012; 2:10 PM)