A new mom figures out how to achieve both her professional and financial goals

This video is part of “The Get it Together Project,” a GEICO and WP BrandStudio series that challenges people who are entering into new life stages to solve a problem in just three days.

Tiana Warren is a lot of things: a DJ, a podcast host, and, as of recently, mother to a baby boy named Wesley. Before having Wesley, Tiana hustled hard to balance all of her creative aspirations, and her anchor gig as a restaurant server kept things steady. But now that there’s a baby in the equation, her goals are changing. She wants to save for a home with her husband, Dustin, and think more concretely about her son’s future.

Enter Kumiko Love, a.k.a The Budget Mom, a blogger and financial counselor who helps women become confident about saving money while raising a family. Over the course of three days, Kumiko will advise Tiana on diving back into the workforce after parental leave and establishing a plan to achieve her new financial dreams—while continuing to be the creative person she’s always been. Watch the video to see what happens.