The Calling
of an Engineer

The story of one committed engineer—and the life-saving medical device he has helped bring to market.

David Yi has always liked understanding how things work. As a child, he would take apart radios to understand their mechanics—how such sonorous sounds could come out of such small machines. Today, he applies a similar curiosity to his role as an account manager at NI. Yi is on the frontline of the company’s effort to bring safe, consistent and efficient testing to engineering partners around the world. He’s worked with firms that are creating world-changing innovations in a range of fields—everything from automotive to heavy machinery to, notably, medical technology.

In the first episode of Engineering Hope, a three-part video series, we’ll tell the story of Yi and one the incredible projects he’s helped to shepherd—a pediatric medical device produced by Berlin Heart that has saved the lives of thousands of children with heart failure.