Noël Russell has always been a big lover of the outdoors. She was raised in California, where she spent her formative years camping and exploring the mountains. Fast forward to now, Noël has run with that sense of adventure. She spends part of the year living in a converted van with her husband and two rescue dogs, a lifestyle that grants her the freedom to roam through nature while working as a photographer and community organizer.

Noël’s love of the outdoors has also made her an advocate for sustainable living. She and her husband seek out food for their pets (and themselves) from eco-conscious brands like Purina, and they follow leave no trace principles, which involves packing all their belongings and litter with them when they leave a hike or campsite. Through these efforts, Noël is able to maintain the outdoor spaces she loves—so she can enjoy them with her pets, and make sure that future generations can enjoy them, as well.

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