The online retail giant released a list of regions in the United States and Canada that it is considering for its second headquarters that could support as many as 50,000 future employees. The list includes major metropolitan areas as well as a slew of smaller communities.
Have an older iPhone? You’ll soon get to decide whether you want it to slow down or not.
Apple has announced it is planning to build another corporate campus and hire 20,000 workers during the next five years. (AP)
Apple has announced it is planning to build another corporate campus and hire 20,000 workers during the next five years. (AP)
For one, bonuses are a lot easier to pull back than a bump in base pay.

His Bain & Co. is now regarded as one of the premier consulting firms in the world.

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As Sundance begins its 2018 edition in Park City on Thursday, the question weighs on the minds of many in the film business: Can the feast continue?

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Watch the trailer for the upcoming mobile role-playing game "Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery."

Starting in February, CHIP programs in some states will run out of money.

Some of America's most homogenous cities attract a surprisingly diverse set of newcomers. Others still seem to be magnets for white people.

The president seized on the news as validation of the Republican tax package.

The Chinese government has shut down the hotelier's site as punishment for listing Hong Kong and Taiwan as stand-alone countries.

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It often doesn’t take much for investors to become panicky.

Lifestyle, financial benefits and ease of maintenance are among the considerations.

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Improving global health is no longer primarily about combating infectious diseases.

The announcement comes after recent corporate tax changes and a greater push to increase manufacturing in the United States.

Robert and Jonathan Kraft are among a group of owners with roots in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL who see the future of spectator sports in professional video gaming.

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The share of Americans with no non-home wealth is rising.

The balance of power at the Fed will rest heavily on the regional Fed presidents — people Trump did not appoint and has no control over.

Consumer tastes are changing, even in candy.

After initially saying there was hardly any evidence, the social network opens a probe.

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