Failing to review your prescription plan during Medicare open enrollment could be a costly mistake

Health-care costs are no joke, so take the time to review your plan this year. You don’t want to make an expensive mistake because you procrastinated and didn’t check your coverage.

The GM strike is one of the largest in decades. Other unions say it is inspiring them.

The strike is part of an uptick in workplace organizing in recent years, raising hopes that unions could end their decades long slide.

The company's founder would owe an additional $5.5 billion in taxes in the first year of the presidential candidate's proposed tax, should it ever be enacted.

English majors are down 25.5 percent since the Great Recession, just as world’s top economists say we need more ‘storytellers.’

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Religious-affiliated pension plans — like the one at this New York state hospital — do not have to get insurance coverage, under the law. And that can spell trouble for retirees if they run low on funds.

Hurd, 62, previously led Hewlett-Packard.

The Pentagon's use of an arcane procurement regulation called "Other Transaction Authority" has exploded in recent years. The program was originally intended to help small businesses, but defense giants are reaping benefits.

Portland-based Dhvani says it’s taking a stand for women, but critics say it's all about shock value.

Millennials are more educated than earlier generations. And in their leisure time, they’re more likely to whip out the games.

One segment of fliers who could benefit: those booking the cheapest tickets, known as “Basic Economy,” which boards last.

As climate change threatens to make power outages more frequent, California businesses are turning to solar-powered systems to protect their operations when the lights go out.

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said in an interview with The Washington Post that he worries “about an erosion of truth” online but defended the policy allowing politicians to peddle ads containing misrepresentations and lies on his social network, a stance that has sparked an outcry during the 2020 presidential campaign.

The heart of Trump's "phase one" trade deal with China is supposed to be $50 billion of U.S. farm product purchases a year, but the Chinese have yet to confirm that number, and details remain scarce.

This week marks the start of a federal trial in Cleveland over who should pay for one of this century’s worst public health crises.

The 30-year fixed-rate average increased to 3.69 percent.

There’s been a boom in new foods and beverages for children six months to 3 years old, packaged for convenience and promising to make children stronger and smarter. But most are extremely high in sugar.

The CPSC has proposed limiting all infant sleepers to 10-degree inclines to prevent deaths. The move comes months after a stunning recall of millions of inclined sleepers.

Multilevel marketer AdvoCare settles with the FTC for $150 million over an alleged illegal pyramid scheme.

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Democratic proposals for a wealth tax risk opening up a class war — which is not what most Americans want.

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