Enter our time machine to 1969, the last time unemployment was this low

American society looked very different in 1969, the last time the jobless rate in the U.S. was at 3.4 percent, from the labor force to the music and TV.

These are some of the notable companies laying off workers

The tech, mortgage and auto industries are among the hardest hit with layoffs going into 2023. Among the giant companies are Amazon, Meta and Twitter.

Biden economy keeps defying predictions. Will it last?

The boom is confounding forecasts that the Fed’s anti-inflation push would bring a recession. But it's also testing policymakers' ability to sustain the recovery.

Stores are pushing vendors to cut prices, but your bill will stay the same

With inflation weighing on consumers, the biggest players in retail and grocery are worried they'll lose customers if prices don't level off.

America’s offices are now half-full. They may not get much fuller.

U.S. office occupancy hit 50 percent last week for the first time since the pandemic, according to data tracked by Kastle Systems. Experts think this could be the new normal.

USDA announces rigorous new school nutrition standards

New rules aimed at reducing sugars, fat and salt and increasing whole grains in school meals are drawing backlash, even as childhood obesity increases.

Paco Rabanne, fashion designer who distilled ’60s spirit, dies at 88

Mr. Rabanne's designs included the green catsuit worn by Jane Fonda in the 1968 sci-fi cult classic "Barbarella."

Employers added 517,000 jobs in January, astonishing labor market growth

Employers added 517,000 jobs in January, reflecting very strong growth in the market despite tech layoffs.

Restaurants can’t find workers because they’ve found better jobs

Nearly three years since the coronavirus pandemic upended the labor market, restaurants, bars, hotels and casinos remain perpetually short-staffed. But these workers didn’t disappear, they found better jobs.

Netflix once said ‘love is sharing a password.’ Now users are heartbroken.

Netflix is rolling out new anti-password-sharing policies in some countries, requiring users to log in on their home WiFi every 31 days.
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Friend or fraud: Seven ways to spot a Ponzi scheme, and other scams

Seniors are not more susceptible to scams. The Federal Trade Commission reports many scams are harming younger people more than adults 60 and older.
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The search for the ultimate college town, and more!

Some places are way more gown than town. In other places, the deer and the antelope may play, but bears and beavers are mentioned more often.

Shell adds to oil industry’s record profits, with $41.6 billion

Chevron and ExxonMobil posted record profits as the Ukraine war and sanctions on Russia left the global energy supply out of balance.
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Work Advice: My employer is reneging on its remote-work promise

My "remote-first" workplace is now imposing a strict return-to-office policy, even though I was hired as remote and need it for my mental health. What can I do?

Fed hikes rates by 0.25 percentage points, with inflation easing

With inflation easing, the central bank is slowing the pace of its fight while keeping pressure on the economy.

Britain grinds to a halt as a half-million workers go on strike

The huge show of discontent from teachers to train drivers comes amid rampant inflation, years of stagnant wage growth and now a cost-of-living crisis.
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