The decision to sell came after the hedge fund manager whose firm controls the tabloid’s parent company became disillusioned with the Enquirer’s reporting tactics, overseen by David Pecker, a Trump confidant dating back many years.
Within hours of the settlement’s announcement, Qualcomm’s biggest rival, Intel, said that it was abandoning the market for 5G chips altogether to focus on other aspects of the emerging technology.
Boeing 737 Max model aircraft are parked at the airport adjacent to a Boeing Co. production facility in Renton, Wash., on April 8. (AP)
Boeing 737 Max model aircraft are parked at the airport adjacent to a Boeing Co. production facility in Renton, Wash., on April 8. (AP)
While investigators have yet to assign blame for the deadly crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia, Boeing has acknowledged that in both cases an anti-stalling feature activated in response to faulty data from planes’ sensors.

Laying out the facts is one thing. Providing a defense for Trump on obstruction is another.

The 30-year fixed-rate average rose for the third week in a row to 4.17 percent.

A debit card can help you stay out of debt.

Beyond the hype, what are the promises and the risks?

  • Rebecca Slayton
  • ·

Despite the president’s rhetoric on costs, the Commerce Department has proposed a curb on federal licensing power.

The announcement could end the state-owned carrier's 8-year effort to gain access to U.S. customers.

Hollywood writers are suing their own agents over packaging fees and alleged conflicts of interest.

Some consumer groups fear soon-to-be-unveiled rules will be too friendly to the $11 billion debt collection industry.

  • Perspective

Since World War II, obesity rates in the United States have skyrocketed, our net national savings rate has plummeted, and American adults and kids alike have allocated a rapidly rising proportion of their free time to staring at electrons dancing on screens. But understanding willpower in America requires a more complex analysis.

  • Angela Duckworth, Katherine Milkman, David Laibson
  • ·

Lenders were 73 percent more likely to reject same-sex couples, according to an analysis of national mortgage data from 1990 to 2015.

  • Analysis

The founder and CEO of a unit of Google parent Alphabet has written a book about the eight men who became president after a predecessor died -- and the lessons it has about succession and the vice presidency.

Uber acknowledged Monday that it modified some of its electric bikes recently after the company encountered a braking problem similar to the one that prompted rival Lyft to recall its own electric bikes in several cities over the weekend.

Earnings figures for the first quarter exceeded expectations, but Netflix’s guidance for the second quarter was shaky.

“Every single parent I know uses a Rock 'n Play -- literally everybody," one mom said. And some parents are keeping the rocker, despite the warnings.

Shoppers in more than half of 64 countries surveyed said they expect economic conditions to worsen in the coming year.

The trial's outcome could affect how the spoils of innovation are distributed, upending the incentives and business models for companies that usher in new technologies.

With less than two weeks before the film hits theaters nationwide, fans are urging caution.

As images of the iconic spire falling to the streets played on YouTube, “information panels” appeared below the videos appearing to link it to the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2001.

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