Apple announced a $1 billion campus in Austin and new sites in Seattle, San Diego and Culver City, Calif. The tech giant also said it expects to add hundreds of jobs in Pittsburgh, New York and Boulder, Colo. in the next few years.
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Trump made a few big mistakes that experienced regifters would never make: He regifted a monogrammed item, and he lied about it when he was caught
What’s different about the efforts of these employees is that they’re not merely pushing for traditional labor issues, such as higher wages or better benefits.
Virgin Galactic has nearly 700 people who have paid as much as $250,000 for its suborbital joyrides. (AP)
Virgin Galactic has nearly 700 people who have paid as much as $250,000 for its suborbital joyrides. (AP)
The company launched a spacecraft more than 50 miles high, meeting the FAA’s definition of space and fulfilling one of Richard Branson’s long-elusive goals.
“Attention all shoppers, associates and management: I would like to say, to all of you today, that nobody should work here — ever,” Jackson Racicot said in his announcement.

Peter Ramsey knows how closely the entertainment industry is following the movie he just co-directed. After all, that film, the animated “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse,” is supposed to blow the do...

Progress has been slow at the COP24 climate summit, and small island nations are demanding better results.

The 30-year fixed-rate average fell to 4.63 percent, its lowest level since September.

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Governance experts called Musk's comment that he does "not respect the SEC" "bizarre" and "ill-advised" -- but not illegal

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Broke? What would happen if you decided to have a gift-free Christmas?

There are still a surprising number of red flags in this hot economy, especially compared to 1999-2000.

In: expanded federal farm subsidies. Out: stricter work requirements for food stamps.

High-frequency traders and algorithms — “Dow Vigilantes” — are moving markets dramatically, sniffing out any sign of good or bad news to buy or sell

“It’s better when the U.S. is actually providing leadership. And maybe a couple of years from now it will again," the former vice president said.

A day after the president said he would take ownership of a partial government shutdown if he doesn’t get the wall money he wants, GOP lawmakers were forced to find a way out of a dilemma: They don’t want a shutdown, and they don’t have the votes for the wall.

Officials are retooling “Made in China 2025” to offer foreign companies greater opportunities to participate.

Researchers looked at the 350 highest-grossing U.S. films released between January 2014 and December 2017 and found that films with women billed as the lead actor made more money.

The Trump administration can withdraw from the Paris climate agreement next year, but it still takes another year for the process to be complete. Which brings the whole matter to Election Day in 2020.

Economists say silent exits are on the rise.

The company's scan-and-go stores could solve the woes of time-stressed travelers.

After nearly four hours of rambling questions and partisan bickering, Pichai emerged on Tuesday from his first-ever testimony to Congress almost entirely untouched.

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