Millennials’ share of the U.S. housing market: Small and shrinking

In many of America’s most desirable cities, the median price of a home is well beyond the reach of a typical salary.

The global economy is likely to rebound in 2020, but the IMF warns of eerie parallels to the Roaring Twenties

This year is likely to see a “sluggish recovery" for the world economy, the International Monetary Fund said Monday. But it warned of deep problems with inequality and debt.
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Pay attention to the 2020 presidential candidates’ proposed changes to Social Security. The system needs reform to avoid shortfalls in the coming decades.
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One county benefits from an improved reputation; the other is viewed as anti-business. Both still trail Northern Virginia.
There’s a desire for change among global elites — but not nearly as far as Sanders and Warren want to go.
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Check to see whether you qualify to get free help on your tax returns.

Prosecutors asked a federal judge to sentence Collins to 46 to 57 months in prison, the top end of the sentencing guidelines. Collins’s attorneys are pleading for leniency and probation.
Even with the required SEC disclosures, it’s practically impossible to figure out how much tax companies pay in any given year. But there is a fix for that.
Proposed new rules would allow schools to cut the amount of vegetables and fruits required at lunch and breakfasts while giving them license to sell more pizza, burgers and fries to students.
The re-compete notice comes after the U.S. military’s primary food supplier for four Middle Eastern countries was allegedly evicted from a warehouse in Kuwait, facing political pressure there.
Trump’s trade war and Boeing’s problems took a toll.
For all the success China has had conquering other industries, it's never really mastered the art of manufacturing traditional cars. But the EV era means China has another chance.
U.S. companies absorbed most of the costs of Trump's tariffs, which is why consumers haven’t seen excessive sticker shock at stores.
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