(John Raoux/AP)
(John Raoux/AP)

With new vaccine and mask requirements, businesses scramble to respond to delta variant and shifting health guidance

Walmart and Disney became the latest companies to abruptly announce they are requiring vaccines for many of their employees.

Disney and Walmart mandate that employees be vaccinated as covid-19 cases spike nationwide

The news comes after corporate giants Google, Facebook and Uber announced their own vaccine mandates for employees this week.

Eviction moratorium expires as renters face rising covid cases and lack of aid

Moody’s data shows there are still well over 6 million renters behind on payments as the eviction moratorium expires on July 31.

Congress should get Trump’s tax returns, Biden Justice Department says

Biden Justice Department has concluded that seeking Trump’s taxes serves “a legitimate legislative purpose.”

The IRS erroneously rejected child tax credit payments for some families with an immigrant spouse

Because of an IRS glitch, many families with one immigrant parent have to wait longer for child tax credit payments.

E.U. regulator hits Amazon with record $887 million fine for data protection violations

The e-commerce giant disputes the findings of Luxembourg’s data protection commission and says it will appeal.

Evictions are about to restart as tenants wait on billions in unspent rental aid

Overall just 36 out of more than 400 states, counties and cities reporting data to the Treasury Department were able to spend half of the money allotted them by the end of June. Another 49 hadn’t spent any funds at all.

With prices rising 4 percent in June, policymakers try to steer through recovery’s haziness

Policymakers at the Federal Reserve and in the Biden administration continue to say that the price increases reflect a fundamental mismatch of supply and demand.

How the long-dead public-television painter Bob Ross became a streaming phenomenon (and kicked up plenty of dirt in the process)

Bob Ross is a supremely unlikely hero of the digital video age — and, according to critics, a cautionary tale.

These self-described trolls tackle climate disinformation on social media with wit and memes

Environmental activists, researchers, lawmakers and others are haunting corporate social media feeds to push back against greenwashing.

‘We can’t take another blow’: Some restaurants may not survive renewed mask mandates

No reservations: Restaurants may not survive renewed mask mandates and reduced occupancy

China built the world’s largest facial recognition system. Now, it’s getting camera-shy.

Authorities are putting the freewheeling industry on notice, amid a broad crackdown on Big Tech.

Johnson & Johnson vaccine production restarts in Baltimore but still not authorized for distribution

Emergent BioSolutions says the FDA allowed it to restart production after a lengthy suspension, an interim step toward winning full manufacturing authorization of Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine.

Ron Popeil, inventor, pitchman and TV infomercial star, dies at 86

With low-tech commercials, he made millions with his Chop-O-Matic, Pocket Fisherman and Showtime Rotisserie oven.
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