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Which birds are the biggest jerks at the feeder? A massive data analysis reveals the answer.

According to an analysis of almost 100,000 bird interactions, big birds like crows are the kings and queens of the feeder, but scrappy mockingbirds and woodpeckers punch above their weight. Doves do not.

Dow records worst drop of 2021 as new coronavirus variant rattles global markets

The blue-chip index sheds more than 900 points amid fears the new omicron strain could unravel economic gains.

This Black Friday, shoppers are back in malls

Americans returned to in-person shopping this year even as a new coronavirus variant is raising alarms.
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Some Georgetown businesses want change inside the nonprofit that runs its business improvement district

Small businesses push to reform the powerful nonprofit organization that runs Georgetown business improvement district (BID). Critics say the BID has operated for too long without transparency and accountability and has offered a questionable return on the taxes members must pay into it.

Oh, Christmas tree, not you, too: Supply chain problems come to the fir trade

Christmas trees, live and fake, are being needled by the same supply-chain issues affecting everything else.

In China, escalating cost of business sends some companies to the exits

A new data protection law adds to challenges faced by foreign firms operating in the massive Chinese consumer market.

Weekly jobless claims plunge to 199,000, the lowest level in more than 50 years

Claims fell more than 71,000 from last week, marking the eighth straight week of declines.

‘General Hospital’ actor is latest to say he was fired for refusing to get coronavirus vaccine

Soap opera actor Steve Burton, who appeared on "General Hospital," said refusing the coronavirus vaccine was about "personal freedom."

Mortgage rates level off ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday

The 30-year fixed-rate average was unchanged at 3.1 percent this week, remaining above 3 percent for the second week in a row.

Online shopping will soar this holiday season. So will scams. Here’s how to protect yourself.

A new poll from Gallup found that a majority of Americans plan to shop online for the holidays. Here are some tips that will help you stay safe while online shopping.

Inside one Georgia school district’s battle to serve healthy, homemade food despite shortages and soaring prices

In one Georgia county, students are back in cafeterias but sometimes lunch has gone missing.

Dollar Tree is raising prices 25 percent to $1.25

The increase will help the discount retailer navigate “a volatile, inflationary environment,” executives say.

Samsung plans to build $17 billion chip factory in Texas

The South Korean electronics giant has chosen Taylor, outside of Austin, for its new semiconductor manufacturing hub.

Bank regulators will team up to develop crypto rules next year

Bank regulators announce they develop rules next year to govern how banks engage in cryptocurrency-based activities.

Giants like GE and IBM are splitting up. The picture for shareholders is complicated.

The breakups of several firms show investors see more value in smaller and more streamlined enterprises than sprawling conglomerates.
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