For every $1 in company equity held by men, women hold 47 cents, according to a study released this week.
The 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage is now at 4.6 percent, only slightly below the five-year high of 4.66 percent set in May and significantly higher than the all-time low of 3.31 percent six years ago, according to data from Freddie Mac.
There’s a simple reason why the president's tax cuts haven’t inspired companies to move that much money to the United States: The money was already here.
An Arkansas-based firm predicts an explosion of spam calls, marking a leap from 3.7 percentage of total calls in 2017 to a projected 44.6 percentage by early 2019.
European officials are investigating whether Amazon’s growing third-party marketplace is giving it an unfair leg up.

Three Square Market is known for microchipping employees, but the company's latest app is designed to help parents track their children's whereabouts. The app could be a useful tool for law enforcement, experts say, but could also be abused or lead to greater anxiety among users.

Premier Li Keqiang said the country will thrive despite “obstacles.”

Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong also believes building trust among young readers can even help combat fake news being passed along by an audience that spends long hours on the Internet.

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But Trump could see a green light to raise the stakes with China.

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A new report from the Gates Foundation stresses the need to invest in Africa's young population.

The trade dispute could be leading to a commercial divorce and the uncoupling of a 40-year relationship.

The action comes with a government shutdown deadline less than two weeks away.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has come to occupy a prominent role as one of Silicon Valley's savviest political operators -- a behind-the-scenes Trump whisperer who's been able to shape some of the administration's economic policies in ways that benefit Apple and some of its tech peers.

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A strike could hold back the industry at a time when it is benefiting from federal intervention aimed at boosting production and employment.

The company concedes that there may be outages in cellular service in parts of North Carolina.

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Some employers would rather workers get in their cars and drive to the office.

A legal action accuses Facebook and 10 employers of discrimination for targeting ads exclusively to men.

The net gain in jobs is not a forgone conclusion, the study cautioned, as huge investments are needed to retrain and educate workers.

The electric automaker is also facing an SEC investigation and multiple shareholder lawsuits over chief Elon Musk's tweets last month that he had the “funding secured” to take the company private..

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We spent two weeks with Sony’s reboot of Aibo, the robot dog. The idea that a hunk of plastic and metal can make you feel affection is no longer so far-fetched.

In 2016, a record 64 million people lived with multiple generations, Pew said in a report this year.

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