On Small Business
A new audit by the Small Business Administration’s Office of the Inspector General raises questions about $1.8 billion of the government-backed loans received by poultry farmers.
A historic lawsuit between the Justice Department and the telecommunications company reaches a crescendo Monday. The case could lead to price changes in your cable bill and have resounding effects on future mega-mergers and acquisitions.
(Christian Carter/Flickr)
(Christian Carter/Flickr)
Tax lawyers are urgently searching for ways to help their clients remake their operations as a result of the massive tax overhaul passed by Congress. The new law created a generous deduction for business owners who pay their taxes through the individual tax code, which means it’s unavailable to many doctors, accountants, financial advisers and other professionals whose primary business is providing a service.  

On Facebook, notifications and metrics can compel you to keep coming back.

Facebook falls 7 percent after coming under heavy fire from lawmakers in the United States and Britain.

Virtually nowhere in the country do black boys grow up to earn incomes equivalent to white boys raised in the same neighborhoods by parents with comparable wealth and education levels, according to a new study.

Lawmakers demand that the tech giant explain how a data analytics firm that worked for President Trump’s campaign obtained names, “likes” and other personal information on 50 million people.

Several of the Democratic senators who voted for the bill hail from states won by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, including Virginia and Colorado.

Former top manager in the D.C.-based $30 million culinary empire says she was subjected to verbal abuse and unwanted touching. Isabella denies the allegations.

Experts say it defies economic logic and points to nuclear weapons ambitions.

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A shocking number of people — 79 percent — expect to supplement their retirement income by getting a job.

Amid tensions with China, a top Treasury Department aide caused an international incident.

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James Bond is one of Hollywood’s most lucrative film franchises. The 007 movies, over a remarkably resilient 56 years, have grossed $6 billion in the United States when adjusted for inflation and billions more overseas. But the franchise has a major problem: Its best days may be behind it. Of the top five highest-grossing inflation-adjusted Bond movies […]

We're all becoming victims in an arms race for people's attention online.

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Some are calling for Mark Zuckerberg to testify on Capitol Hill.

The move comes a month after General Dynamics made a bid for the IT services company.

The potential breach involved the sharing of information from tens of millions of users with a data analysis firm that later worked for Trump’s 2016 campaign.

The moves come in response to news reports about a 2016 Trump campaign data analytics firm inappropriately grabbing Facebook user data.

Facebook recently suspended Cambridge Analytica for improperly sharing the information and failing to destroy it after concerns arose in 2015.

Casinos are banned in the state, but the Pamunkey are pursuing a $700 million resort and gambling development after the tribe recently won federal recognition.

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