‘Broadened’ health-care exemptions keep many workers from getting new paid leave, report finds

Critics have seized on the report as another sign that the Trump administration is abandoning commitments to uphold worker safety provisions.
(Jonathan Muroya for The Post)
(Jonathan Muroya for The Post)

The back-to-school laptop guide

Here are the questions to ask — and mistakes to avoid — for a year when school happens on a laptop.
Promoters are misappropriating a legitimate savings practice called a 'sou-sou' to entice people to participate in an illegal pyramid scheme. Here's how to tell the difference and see through promoter arguments that these scams are benefiting Black people.
In Kentucky, unemployment is high, benefits are running out and local leaders say they need the kind of aid that the Senate’s most powerful figure has yet to endorse.
The photography pioneer was poised to use a $765 million government loan to revamp its factories for pharmaceutical production.
Steve Easterbrook received an exit package said to be worth $42 million.

The Cares Act provides relief for taxpayers affected by the coronavirus. But be careful of trying to take advantage of the relief if you have not been impacted by the pandemic, according to IRS guidance.
Trump is saying that he’ll eliminate Social Security tax next year, should he be reelected—and that would likely mean the end of the federal entitlement system as we’ve known it.
The details on payroll taxes, unemployment and evictions are not as generous as he made them sound.
Some expressed concern about covid-19 but said they did not want to miss the gathering.
Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D-Pa.) has sent a letter to the Veterans Health Administration, demanding more information about the use of anti-malarial drugs including hydroxychloroquine at veterans homes and whether the VA was actively involved in the unproven treatment.
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Regulators say some of the products contain dangerous levels of methanol, which can lead to blindness, hospitalization and even death.
Lawmakers want the inspector general to examine Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s cost-cutting measures and investments.
The moves by chief executive Jason Kilar come three months into his tenure.
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