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For years, the industry relied on foot traffic from millions of tourists to keep their doors open. The coronavirus has forced them to find a new way.
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“I hired you because you’re Black.”

Michelle Singletary has an honest conversation about affirmative action. And, we take your questions about voting this year, starting with a listener in California.

Newly revealed USPS documents show an agency struggling to manage Trump, Amazon and the pandemic

A wide array of political, legal and financial headaches troubled the U.S. Postal Service in March and April, foreshadowing a summer of upheaval, nearly 10,000 pages of emails, memos and other private agency documents show.
Michelle Singletary, The Washington Post's personal finance columnist, is taking on some of the most pernicious misconceptions about race and inequality in America. Today she looks at affirmative action, and the false notion that Black Americans are given preferential treatment in hiring decisions.
Scholars who study how democracies die offer dire warnings about a second Trump term.
A special panel seeks more money for testing, for personal protective equipment, for registered nurses, for infection control training, for staff salary increases -- but is silent on nursing homes' own responsibilities.
Urged by employees to do more amid a global pandemic and social unrest, companies step up their efforts to mobilize votes in 2020.

The number of new unemployment claims has come down gradually over the past few months, but claims remain above the historical levels from before the pandemic.
The 30-year fixed-rate average moved slightly higher but remained below 3 percent. It hasn't been above 3 percent for almost two months.
In Twitter post, the president told Republicans to support “much higher numbers” for stimulus plan after Senate GOP sought $300 billion measure.
The path forward for restaurateurs trying to escape the collapse of their business models is illuminated by a digital glow.
If you're a federal employee looking to volunteer at the polls or on the campaign trail, make sure you're not violating the Hatch Act.
The unemployment projections offer a snapshot into how Fed leaders think the economy will fare. But there is plenty the estimates do not account for.
State lawmakers will hold another hearing Thursday about the latest problems with the unemployment system.
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