(Charles Krupa/AP)
(Charles Krupa/AP)

Mortgage industry seeks billions in federal help as homeowners stop paying their loans

Their pleas for help have been met with skepticism from groups that have long called for tougher industry oversight. One of the largest non-bank mortgage companies reported $2 billion in revenue last year.
Service sector jobs got slammed early in the coronavirus crisis, now it's tech, legal and other professionals reporting layoffs, pay cuts and furloughs.
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Unlike 2008, financial institutions are promising to aid people through the coronavirus recession — but it’s not automatic. Here’s what you need to do.
It's another subtle culture change because of the novel coronavirus.
With states having closed down businesses and advised against big gatherings, large-scale film and television production has come to halt, leaving purveyors of entertainment to find fresh ways both to create and distribute their work.
In a White House signing statement, Trump called “unreasonable” the broad investigative authority given to a new inspector general office.

The Defense Department has asked that the case be remanded back to it after a judge in the Court of Federal Claims found it had made an evaluation mistake when it awarded a sought-after defense contract to Microsoft. Amazon is fighting the order asking that all of its allegations be evaluated.
Faced with a rapidly spreading virus, health authorities say they have few options but to rely on a for-profit class of largely unknown middlemen. But the frenzy is also helping drive up costs and forcing already strained hospital leaders to vet suppliers for counterfeits and scams.
Companies that rushed to sell home tests are pulling back after an FDA warning.
Over 80 percent of American adults will receive a payment, according to an initial estimate.
The bill the treasury secretary helped forge faces a critical test: Can his economic rescue plan quickly stabilize an economy headed toward calamity?
Some are defying stay-at-home orders because they have no other way to pay the bills. Some are just trying to be of use to others amid the crisis.
‘It’s making me go into a depression,’ said LaTonua Bowens, a laid off cook. ‘I’m worried if I’m going to still have a job.’
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