Holiday shopping sets records on paper, but inflation takes its toll

Cyber Monday sales hit a record $11.3 billion, a 5.3 percent jump from last year, according to Adobe Analytics.

Macron to promote nuclear energy in U.S., as industry faces crisis in France

As Europe turned away from Russian energy, the French nuclear industry missed its chance to demonstrate the promise President Emmanuel Macron has talked about.

Almost everyone expects a recession. Could the economy avoid one?

As the Fed wrestles with inflation, experts wonder if people think the economy is worse than it really is

Crypto bank BlockFi, its fate entwined with FTX, files for bankruptcy

The once-hot cryptocurrency lender has at least 100,000 creditors, according to its Chapter 11 filing.

As rail strike deadline nears, Biden calls on Congress to intervene

President Biden is expected to call on Congress to avert a possible rail strike, to avoid triggering disruptions to the U.S. supply chain during the holidays, which could worsen inflation.

Her mac and cheese took more than 3.5 minutes to make. She’s suing.

Amanda Ramirez might not have bothered buying the Shells & Cheese product “had she known the truth,” says a proposed class-action lawsuit.
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The scammers are coming for you. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Here are some tips that will help you stay safe while online shopping.

Incentives can lead employees to cheat or lie at work

American workplaces rely heavily on incentives to achieve performance targets, but focus on rewards can lead to ethical lapses, research shows.

Inside Sam Bankman-Fried’s courtship of a Washington regulator

The FTX executive wanted the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to oversee crypto. So did the CFTC’s boss, Rostin Behnam.

After teddy bear backlash, Balenciaga announces lawsuit for separate ad

Balenciaga is embroiled in controversy after two ad campaigns — one featuring children with teddy bear bags and one with a Supreme Court briefing on child porn laws.

The great mismatch: Remote jobs are in demand, but positions are drying up

Nearly three years into a pandemic that reshaped workplace norms and put the power in the hands of employees, the tides are shifting again. Many remote workers are being called back into the office.

U.S. grants Chevron license to pump oil in Venezuela

Under a new Treasury Department license, it will be able to resume pumping oil. The limited license stipulates that any oil produced can only be exported to the United States. No profits from its sale can go to the Venezuelan company but must be used to pay off Venezuelan creditors in the United States.

Buying an electric car? These models are made in China.

Made-in-China EVs are hitting U.S. dealerships and European auto shows, providing new competition to Western and Japanese automakers.

Black Friday isn’t what it used to be. Here’s why.

The traditional start of the holiday shopping season is expected to be more subdued than years past, but it won’t be for lack of trying.

Gaza gas deal could make improbable partners out of Israel and Hamas

The lucrative global energy market makes the deal between the Palestinian Authority and the Egyptians even more attractive.
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The rise of the roundabout and which state has the most

One of the most amazing trends you've never heard of: The rise of the roundabouts.
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