(David L. Nemec/AP)
(David L. Nemec/AP)

Dow falls almost 300 points as January sell-off continues

The stock market appears poised for another day of wild swings to cap off a bruising week for investors.

Three days after the 2022 tax season started, an overwhelmed IRS suspends some taxpayer notices

The IRS is so swamped it's already halting notices, just three days into tax season.

Restaurant workers are quitting in droves. This is how they are being lured back.

Restaurant owners are resorting to new incentives to find workers while experts say it may permanently change the industry.

NLRB accuses Amazon of ‘threatening, surveilling’ warehouse workers on Staten Island

The National Labor Relations Board is accusing the e-commerce giant of interfering with workers' rights under federal labor laws.

Despite omicron hurdles, strong economic recovery appears on track

The economy has become more resilient to the virus with each new variant. But it’s become clear that the rebound will revolve around pandemic caseloads.

U.S. economy grew 5.7 percent in 2021, fastest full-year clip since 1984, despite ongoing pandemic

The GDP report, released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, offered the latest snapshot of a resilient recovery.

Mortgage rates show little change but are expected to move higher

After a month of increases, the 30-year fixed-rate average slipped to 3.55 percent this week.

A health-care company tried to block workers from jumping to a competitor. They failed.

Heads-up, employers: Blocking the exit is not an acceptable employee-retention strategy.

Stocks wipe out gains after Fed signals rate hike in March

The Dow, which had been up roughly 600 points, ends the session with a 130-point loss after the central bank spells out its plan for soaring inflation.

A city will require gun owners to have liability insurance in an effort to incentivize safety

The city of San Jose took a step toward adopted what’s believed to be the first measure of its kind in the United States aiming to reduce the risk of gun harm by incentivizing safer behavior.

Crypto collapse erases more than $1 trillion in wealth, forcing a reckoning for everyday investors

Cryptocurrencies have lost roughly half their total value in a matter of weeks, underlining the perils for everyday investors and hiking pressure on Washington regulators to develop a coordinated approach toward overseeing the emerging industry.

Here are the stocks that powered your 401(k) to a monster performance in 2020 and 2021 and are taking it right back down

What may not be immediately obvious in the market volatility of 2022 is that just seven companies — the same ones that drove the S&P to record highs — are now dragging the market down.

Manufacturers have less than five days’ supply of some computer chips, Commerce Department says

A new Commerce Department report highlighted the severity of a global shortage that has hobbled manufacturing and fueled inflation for more than a year, and that defies easy solutions.

Stock markets are turbulent, again. Here’s what experts say you should and shouldn’t do.

So far in 2022, the stock market has seen volatile days of trading. Here's what experts recommend for steering your retirement funds through the current turbulence depending on how close you are to retirement.

Dow ends lower in another dramatic comeback, as Wall Street’s volatile January continues

The S&P 500 sheds 1.2 percent and the Nasdaq slides 2.3 percent in “jaw-dropping” sell-off.
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