Qualcomm used its market dominance to illegally squeeze excessive licensing fees out of phone manufacturers, a federal judge in California ruled, delivering a major jolt to the critical components market for next-generation smartphones.
The recommendation — confirmed by a source familiar with the Justice Department’s thinking — came before the two wireless providers offered new concessions this week meant to appease regulators, including pledges to divest certain lines of business and cap prices for consumers.
The nonprofit found that cars in autopilot mode often cut off other vehicles or broke laws while trying to pass.
Huawei’s P30 smartphone. (Bloomberg)
Huawei’s P30 smartphone. (Bloomberg)
Just a few years ago, Huawei was ascendant in the United States, with executives spinning up plans to be “a leading smartphone brand.” That has largely come true — just not in America.
Content creators have been trying to restrain what critics and consumers say about their movies online, particularly when it comes to plot revelations. Many in the media have pushed back.

A key chip designer and British telecom companies suspend some dealings with the Chinese tech giant.

A hearing on Wednesday suggested that opposition to facial recognition technology could be the rare issue progressives and conversatives in Congress. Several members voiced worries about the technology being used here as it is currently is in China, where it contributes to the surveillance state’s systems of public monitoring and social control.

Two U.S. cities, have agreed to a 60-day pilot program installing dozens of electric docking stations on sidewalks. The stations give riders a designated place to park their devices, keeping sidewalks free of clutter.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Wednesday that a confidential IRS memo does not undermine the agency’s justification for denying lawmakers’ request for President Trump’s tax returns. Appearing...

The move would inflamed tensions between the two economic superpowers further.

Amazon show "The Power" and the Kristen Wiig film "Barb and Star Go To Vista Del Mar" announced that they plan to avoid filming in Georgia because of the state's antiabortion bill.

Smith’s largesse could be — depending on how the money is given — the rare gift that is truly free.

Democrats on the House Financial Services Committee are considering legislation to block a HUD proposal that every family member living in subsidized housing be of “eligible immigration status.”

A merger between T-Mobile and Sprint, the nation's third- and fourth-largest wireless carriers, entered uncertain legal territory this week, after the two federal agencies reviewing the $26 billion deal appeared to split in their thinking about the transaction.

The shoe sellers signed off on a letter to the White House warning of the “catastrophic” effects Trump’s proposed 25 percent tariffs would have on consumers, companies and the American economy.

Amazon’s experiment is part of a broader industry push to gamify low-skill work, particularly as historically low unemployment has driven up wages and attrition.

Members of Congress are asking Nike executives for details on the company’s treatment of female athletes following reports that company stopped paying some athletes while they were pregnant.

The presidential candidate will speak on behalf of workers who want a seat on the company's board.

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The nonsense idea that Spain’s economy doesn’t need any more help is really just an excuse not to help it.

The Chinese tech giant won't receive future access to popular apps like Gmail, YouTube and Chrome.

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