(Artur Galocha/The Washington Post)
(Artur Galocha/The Washington Post)

Rising prices: What meat, clothing and five other everyday items tell us about inflation

Consumers are paying more for a range of products, including bacon, blouses and used Buicks, as the economy rebounds strongly from the covid-led recession.

McDonald’s suffers data breach in U.S., Taiwan and South Korea

Some customer and employee information was exposed, but the hack was quickly contained, McDonald’s said.

Drug distributor McKesson docked CEO’s pay over the opioid crisis. He still made $15 million.

The drug distributor’s board said it planned to dock Brian Tyler’s pay by $2.9 million after activist investors demanded opioid settlement costs be reflected in CEO pay appraisals.

Judge halts billions in debt relief for farmers of color as conservative group for White farmers sue

On Thursday, Judge William Griesbach of Wisconsin’s Eastern District issued a temporary restraining order suspending the debt relief program for producers of color.

No chips, no tips: How the computer chip shortage threatens thousands of restaurant service jobs

The computer chip shortage may push the restaurant industry toward ditching servers in favor of contactless-ordering models.

Hotel industry emerges from pandemic with new business model, possibly fewer workers

Driving the change is an increased movement by hotels away from daily room cleaning, a change accelerated during the pandemic as a safety protocol.

Biden administration keeps long-sought Trump hotel documents under wraps

The Trump administration blocked Democrats’ efforts to unearth documents related to his federally leased D.C. hotel. Not much has changed under Biden.

Biden administration releases pared-down workplace safety rule, stopping short of broader mandate

The new standard will only apply to healthcare facilities, not most workplaces.

Inflation continued climb in May as prices rose 5 percent over last year. Policymakers say it’s temporary.

The most recent crop of inflation figures are unlikely to rattle the Biden administration or Federal Reserve.

FAQ: Why inflation is rising and whether you should worry

Inflation jumped 5 percent in the past year, the fastest pace in 13 years. Few are panicking yet, but there’s a big debate about how long prices will stay high.

Mortgage rates fall, remaining under 3 percent

The 30-year fixed-rate average, which has not been above 3 percent the past two months, drifted down to 2.96 percent.

I think I saw my boss abuse his child at the office. What should I have done?

Many companies have policies to support employees who are victims of domestic abuse. But what should you do if you think you see your boss abusing his child?

These businesses found a way around the worker shortage: Raising wages to $15 an hour or more

Talk of a labor shortage has clogged the airwaves in Washington. But 12 businesses shared the decidedly non-radical way they got around the issue: offering workers better pay.

Colonial Pipeline was shut down with worst-case scenario in mind, executives say

CEO Joseph Blount and cybersecurity expert Charles Carmakal told a House panel that last month’s breach posed a threat to physical pipeline systems.

As home prices soar in unlikely places, the most vulnerable residents pay the price

New York City transplants are bringing a housing boom -- and growing inequality -- deep into the Hudson Valley.
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