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If you owe the IRS and can’t pay, this is what you should and shouldn’t do

The tax deadline is May 17, and millions may owe and can't pay. A former national taxpayer advocate offers advice on tackling the debt.
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Work Advice: Boss and I clashed, but it’s okay now. Do we still need mediation?

Mediation can help an employee work out how to navigate and harness friction with a manager to produce good outcomes.

What to know about the FDA’s new guidance for lead in baby food

After pressure from parents and advocates, the agency has laid out new rules for food manufacturers to limit heavy metals in foods.

How to make your home more energy efficient — and get a tax break too

You can make your home more energy-efficient this year with the federal government picking up at least some of the tab on everything from stoves to EVs.

FDA food safety official resigns, cites flaws in agency’s crisis response

Frank Yiannas, the deputy commissioner for the office of food policy and response, resigns after over a year of intense blowback from the infant formula crisis.

White House unveils new tenant protections amid soaring rental costs

Tenant leaders, housing experts and legal organizations have pushed the Biden administration to do more to make rent affordable.

Justin Bieber sells music rights to investment fund Hipgnosis

Hipgnosis said Bieber, one of the youngest artists to cash in on their catalogues amid a boom in music licensing deals, had made a huge impact on global culture.

Dead whales and tough economics bedevil Biden’s massive wind energy push

Dead whales on the beach are the latest unwelcome head wind in the race to build enormous wind turbines in the Atlantic to meet White House climate goals.
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Birthday checklist: Get your most pressing money questions answered

Michelle Singletary invites readers to submit their most pressing financial questions for her money milestones project.

Pay transparency is here. Corporate America is still catching up.

As some of the country’s biggest job markets move to require salary ranges, the black box of pay is being cracked open.

Senators on both sides accuse Ticketmaster of misusing its power

A Senate hearing will focus on Ticketmaster’s lack of competition with ticket sales

Gary Oelze, who made the Birchmere a local music staple, dies at 80

The club, once a neighborhood joint, became a major stop for world-renowned acts.

Elizabeth Holmes tried to flee U.S. after conviction, prosecutors allege

The former Theranos CEO booked a one-way flight to Mexico that was scheduled to depart shortly after she was convicted of fraud in January 2022, a recent court filing says.
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Michelle Singletary’s money milestones for every age

Advice for every decade of your financial life, from 20-somethings just starting out to retirees enjoying the fruits of planning and smart choices.

Who is the ‘taxpayer’ and ‘spouse’ in marriages when both work?

A new research paper shows finds straight couples are more likely to list husband as primary taxpayer, but the percentage of women listed as taxpayers has increased slightly.

Republicans hold firm in demanding debt-ceiling deal with Biden

The GOP affirmed its political demands as Biden prepares to sit down with new House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) in the coming days.
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