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7 ways a recession could be good for you financially

Rising interest rates, high inflation, and stock market tanking all can make for a scary time. But there are some silver linings if we're in a recession.

Trump nominee is voted out as head of Inter-American Development Bank

People familiar with the process said the ouster was the result of a well-publicized investigation into improper actions Mauricio Claver-Carone while at the helm of the organization.

Worker protests at airports spread nationwide over staffing and pay

Across the country, flight attendants and airport workers are responding a hailstorm of workplace issues related to pay and staffing levels—as airline travel in the pandemic recovery economic has been marked by an onslaught of canceled flights, labor shortages and widespread desperation.

British pound falls to all-time low against dollar after taxes slashed

The falling value of the British pound reflects markets' alarm over the government's dramatic slashing of taxes and expected increased borrowing.

Seniors are stuck home alone as health aides flee for higher-paying jobs

As home-care aides become more scarce thanks to the pandemic and tight labor market, it is threatening the independence of a generation of older Americans who had planned to age in place.

Hurricane Fiona ravages Puerto Rican farms near peak harvest, farmers say

Small farms dot much of the landscape of Puerto Rico. Many have been seriously damaged by Hurricane Fiona.

Is the pandemic over? Pre-covid activities Americans are (and are not) resuming.

Americans are back in-person for family reunions, live music, casinos and cosmetic surgeries. But not so much when it comes to movies, therapy and funerals.

Stock market continues long tumble as economic outlook sours

The Federal Reserve’s fight against inflation promises to slow the economy, and Wall Street is roiled.

U.S. watchdog estimates $45.6 billion in pandemic unemployment fraud

Applicants got aid using dead people’s Social Security numbers and the names of people serving federal prison terms.
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The latest case against Trump shows history favors the rich

Trump survived because of the willingness of bankers and bondholders to prop him up. But struggling consumers who default on their mortgages or credit card debt face financial ruin.

Pentagon launches effort to assess crypto’s threat to national security

DARPA, the Pentagon's tech hub, is kicking off a sweeping review of the national security and law enforcement threats posed by the rise of cryptocurrency.
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People are fleeing Puerto Rico, Guam and every other U.S. territory. What gives?

America's five territories -- Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands and the U.S. Virgin Islands -- are wildly diverse places. So why are they all rapidly losing population?

Boeing to pay $200 million after SEC finds it misled on 737 Max safety

The penalties are the latest legal consequences facing the manufacturing giant after an automated flight control system repeatedly forced the noses of the two Max planes down, killing 346 people.

Target’s and Walmart’s holiday plans? Discount early and discount often.

The retail giants will begin rolling out deals the first week in October in a bid to draw in more cautious and cash-strapped consumers.

More workers are back in offices. It’s still nothing like before.

Return to office hit a pandemic high last week, with peak office occupancy on Wednesday, in a sign that company mandates are having some impact.

Calculate how much more mortgages will cost as interest rates rise

See the difference in monthly costs between a typical mortgage signed today and one signed just a few months ago.
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