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As the calculus on whether it pays to stay silent or speak up rapidly shifts, American companies have emerged as a force for social change
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People tend to be tolerant of human mistakes. Attitudes toward machines are more unforgiving.

The ACA has also helped fuel the ‘gig economy,’ helping Uber drivers and TaskRabbit-ers get health insurance.

Don Jr. and Eric were the guests of honor at the first Trump-branded golf resort in the Arab world owned by one of their father's partners and close friends.

Coal is North Korea’s largest export, and China just announced that it won't buy any for the rest of 2017.

The sales jump appears to be driven in part by a backlash to a boycott of Trump-branded merchandise.

Unilever said it “sees no merit” in the offer, but Kraft Heinz says it’s determined to make it work.

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