(Mark Lennihan/AP)
(Mark Lennihan/AP)

Capital One to end overdraft penalties as CFPB takes aim at ‘exploitative junk fees’

The bank says it will no longer charge customers when their account balances dip below zero, ending a revenue stream estimated at $150 million a year.

A FedEx driver dumped more than 400 packages into an Alabama ravine, sheriff says

Authorities are investigating a FedEx driver who took at least six trips last month to dump around 450 packages into a ravine in northern Alabama for reasons that remain unknown, Blount County Sheriff Mark Moon said.

A Hertz customer’s Thanksgiving reservation gone awry was every car-rental nightmare wrapped up in one

Kate Klonick, a St. John’s University law professor, recounted her horrific customer-service experience in a viral Twitter thread that has captured the frustration felt by many holiday travelers during a stressful and expensive time of year.

Covid is set to cost the tourism industry $1.6 trillion this year. Omicron could make it worse.

Many tourism businesses hoped for a recovery after last year’s shutdowns, but the omicron variant has brought back covid restrictions.

What you should know about the federal vaccine mandates

The mandates for federal employees, federal contractors, health-care workers and others have stirred political and legal brawls across the nation.

Ken Moffett, low-key mediator in high-profile labor disputes, dies at 90

He was a charismatic middleman in labor fights with air traffic controllers, ballplayers and newspaper pressmen. He also briefly led the Major League Baseball Players Association.

New rule will allow debt collectors to track you down on social media

Federal regulators have given debt collectors the okay to pursue debtors via email, text messages and social media sites.

Twitter will remove some ‘private’ media in bid to combat online abuse

The company expanded its policy to include photos and videos, though there are exceptions.

Fewer Americans shopped during Thanksgiving weekend than last year

Analysts say it remains to be seen whether the omicron variant — news of which broke just before Black Friday — will weigh on holiday retail sales.

Existing vaccines might not be as effective against omicron variant, Moderna CEO says

Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel said that while more data is needed on the omicron variant, all the scientists he has talked to say, “This is not going to be good.”

GOP resistance to preschool plan could imperil key Biden proposal in many states

The White House’s pledge to create universal prekindergarten is set to face enormous implementation challenges, as GOP lawmakers in at least a half-dozen states are already balking at the proposed program and others are likely to follow.

Who is Twitter’s new CEO, Parag Agrawal? 5 things to know.

Jack Dorsey, outgoing Twitter CEO, praised Agrawal's rapid ascent in the company.

Markets are shrugging off omicron worries. But the variant offers a lesson investors should heed.

The market plunge on Black Friday — and recovery on Monday — after the news about omicron offers an important lesson to investors: If you’re going to own stocks long term, you need to have enough cash on hand to ride out volatility.

Ghislaine Maxwell trial opens in New York with focus on Epstein’s accusers

Prosecutor describes “horrific abuse” of young victims, while defense attorney questions their accounts.

U.S. will miss electric-vehicle targets without big investments in semiconductor manufacturing, commerce secretary warns

The Biden administration wants half of all new vehicles sold in 2030 to be zero-emissions vehicles, including electric, plug-in hybrid or fuel cell electric vehicles.
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