The Nebraska Public Service Commission rejected TransCanada’s preferred route for the pipeline that would transport thick crude oil from Alberta to the Texas Gulf Coast. Still, today’s vote brings the project much closer to starting construction and allows President Trump to claim victory in one of his signature campaign promises.
The agency is expected to release new details this week, ahead of a vote in December. The plan could reshape the entire digital ecosystem by giving Internet providers more control over what their customers can see and access online and how quickly they can do it.
(Aaron Josefczyk/Reuters)
(Aaron Josefczyk/Reuters)
The deal could set the stage for something entirely new: thousands of autonomous vehicles ­transporting customers without a human ­operator, the beginning of a ­multibillion-dollar robot revolution that could dramatically reconfigure how people get around.

Yellen was the first Fed leader not to be offered a second term in four decades.

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The new service will be provided through an existing $600 million contract with the intelligence community.

Uber plans to buy up to 24,000 self-driving cars from Volvo, a purchase that marks a significant departure from Uber's exiting business model in which private car owners make up the company's fleet.

The suit is the biggest antitrust case to hit Washington in decades

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Dr. Francis S. Collins says his management approach has changed over time

There are a ton of differences between the House and Senate tax plans. Finding a compromise isn't a given.

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What if my stay is so long in a nursing home that I run out of money?

It's time to pick a strategy and get started solving the problem.

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The most popular of the bunch have already begun selling out.

Traditional GOP allies (and donors) are pressuring Congress to move now.

Trump issued a presidential permit for TransCanada project in March. This is the last hurdle.

Technology, gig economy may be to blame, two reports suggest

Here are some suggestions for gifts to delight those who are always looking at the hottest tech products.

EA would not comment on whether “pay to win” aspects of its latest “Star Wars” game have been removed.

At least five people, including one past speaker, reported being harassed or groped by attendees at Vancouver conference

Local leaders are warning that the $1.5 trillion plan could hurt their ability to raise money for government services.

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