The tech giant that has become infamous for its high-pressure workloads has accused a former Gigafactory worker who says he's a whistleblower of being a potential mass shooter, but the local sheriff's office found no "credible threat."
The company said an investigation found that Brian Krzanich had violated its non-fraternization rules that apply "to all managers.“ Robert Swan, Intel’s chief financial officer, will serve as interim chief executive.
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Not only can it be more expensive for black and brown consumers to obtain home and car loans, but also it can cost them substantially more for services as basic as opening and maintaining a checking account.
(Washington Post illustration; iStock; Amazon)
(Washington Post illustration; iStock; Amazon)
The Switch
This new $120 Alexa device lets you talk to your home theater — but don't lose your remote in the sofa cushions just yet if you want to watch the World Cup.
Sales have been tumbling for more than three years amid changing consumer habits and increased competition. Now J.Crew is attempting a redesign, introducing product lines and slashing prices.

Even still, employment lawyers say, they can be fraught with "all kinds of peril."

The backup driver in an autonomous Uber that struck and killed a pedestrian in March looked down inside the vehicle more than 200 times and her smartphone was streaming NBC’s “The Voice” in the run-up to the deadly collision, according to Tempe, Ariz., police investigators. Rafaela Vasquez “appears to react and show a smirk or […]

The oil and gas industry could fix the problem, which makes gas almost as bad as coal.

A New York federal judge ruled Thursday that the watchdog agency should be eliminated.

The social network will work to identify images that have been manipulated to depict something that did not occur and those taken out of context.

Legislation would impose controversial new work requirements on food stamp program

The move is part of a radical pitch to overhaul the federal bureaucracy.

The president is starting a trade war against China at the same time that he's starting one against the countries we would need to help us against China.

Democrats are digging in to block the nominee, hoping to check Trump’s plan to remake the CFPB.

Americans with disabilities are finding new leverage in a tight job market

The lawsuit adds a new layer of intrigue to a company already consumed with production pressures and internal suspicions about a conspiracy.

Economists fear a global trade war could wipe out growth resulting from tax cuts and higher government spending.

It's a perk of the labor shortage.

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The Dow seems like a big deal, but it’s not. But then, GE is less of a big deal than it once was, too.

The commerce secretary said there was no insider trading in his short-selling of stock in the Russian-linked company.

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