Experts say Samsung’s crisis response and market position, along with fortunate timing for the worst news, helped the company escape a crisis that could have set it back for years or even put it under.
Nobody holds military leaders accountable with the same vigor and, at times, vitriol as Sen. John McCain.
As more people became aware of the telephone tax-payment trick, the schemers developed a twist on the swindle that is just pure evil.
The basketball star and Washington-area native has committed $10 million and partnered with Prince George’s schools to help disadvantaged kids attend college and get launched into life.
Ursula Burns is CEO of Xerox. (Bloomberg)
Ursula Burns is CEO of Xerox. (Bloomberg)
A study of black American women who graduated from Harvard Business School between 1977 and 2015 found that 12.6 percent had reached chair, CEO or other C-level executive status. About 19 percent of black male graduates from the school had attained similar positions.
In workplaces where a can-do attitude is valued above all else, and fears about job security remain common, getting unvarnished feedback and speaking candidly can be hard.

The majority owner continues effort to rebrand Trump International Hotel Panama, replace the Trump Organization as manager.

A day after meeting with President Trump, Malcolm Turnbull also said national security and open borders are not mutually exclusive.

The group accused corporations abandoning it after a Florida school shooting of “a shameful display of political and civic cowardice."

In his annual letter, Warren Buffett says his conglomerate's businesses keep doing 'extremely well' and 'the cash continues to pile up, an additional $30 billion in the last year'

From Logan Paul's video of a dead human body to Logan Paul's video of himself tasering a dead rat, YouTube's had a rough year. But here are some creators worth watching.

The calls for Apple, Amazon, Google and other streaming companies to drop the National Rifle Association’s digital TV channel put the companies in the delicate position of policing content.

The deal includes sites in D.C., New York and Los Angeles that were shut down in November after one unionized.

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They also started out higher.

There's a new contender in town.

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Trust me on this because I was there: All these share buybacks linked to the tax cut were not part of the supply-siders' argument for the plan.

Ever since Reagan, Republicans have only cared about two things: tax cuts for the rich and increased spending for the military.

  • Perspective

The average seat pitch has shrunk from 35 inches in the 1960s to about 31 inches today.

Bring me your ideas, said a Frito-Lay executive. Richard Montañez did just that.

YouTube and Facebook have come under fire for trending Parkland shooting conspiracy theories. They're only part of the problem.

Falsehoods were rampant after the Parkland, Fla., school shooting despite the firm’s promise to improve its algorithm. And lawmakers are growing increasingly frustrated and vocal about disinformation on social media.

Virginia, Maryland and the District were among 44 states that reached a settlement involving the largest recall in U.S. history.

The next few weeks will see a frenzy of activity. This is what to expect.

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