Coleman was a television forecasting pioneer as the first weathercaster on “Good Morning America” and the first meteorologist to broadcast in front of a green screen.
Maryland-based OST Global Solutions focuses on the nuts and bolts of following bid proposals and keeping decision-makers happy, as well as entrepreneurship and management.
(Andrew Burton for The Washington Post)
(Andrew Burton for The Washington Post)
“I don’t have a kid, but I have a nephew that I put some boundaries on,” Cook told students at a college in Essex, England.

[Note: This story contains plot revelations about the Sundance film “The Sentence.”] PARK CITY, Utah — Cindy Shank remembers all those years in prison, trying to find a way to still be a mother to her three young daughters. There was the time when, craving a Halloween experience with her children, she made costumes out […]

Trump’s budget director says he’s serving the public, but his critics call it a cynical trick to make people think government doesn’t matter to their everyday lives.

The story must be told.
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And you thought fake news was bad here. Russian outlets regularly reported that Hillary Clinton engages in satanic rituals, sexual abuse and murder.

Handing out tax breaks and gutting regulations hurt communities in the long run.

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Analysts say the bonuses amount to little more than a public relations move.

A major change is coming to your Facebook newsfeed, as the social media giant seeks to diminish its role as an arbiter of the news people see.

The Environmental Protection Agency chief told employees without elaborating that the organization "has sufficient resources to remain open for a limited amount of time."

Samsung denies it's slowing down phones, as it faces an investigation from Italian officials. Officials are also looking into Apple's behavior.

First, you must decide to stop overspending.

Millennials don’t want to go to stores to shop, and it could kill warehouse giants.

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It doesn’t take much to push it to a new high.

The Swedish apparel company has, in the past, been rocked by accusations of cultural appropriation and needlessly destroying clothes.

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The economic effects are likely to be muted.

The new humblebrag: ‘I’m not looking at my smartphone’

For one, bonuses are a lot easier to pull back than a bump in base pay

His Bain & Co. is now regarded as one of the premier consulting firms in the world.

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The list includes major metro areas such as Dallas, D.C. and Atlanta.

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The story must be told.
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