July tax filings boost federal revenue as deficit nears $3 trillion

The U.S. federal deficit fell dramatically from June to July, mainly because of taxes that had been delayed earlier this year because of the pandemic.
Sumner Redstone

Dealmaker and titan of media dies at 97

The mogul’s Viacom empire included Paramount Pictures film studios, CBS and MTV.
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REI’s new outdoorsy eight-acre campus to be sold as the company embraces remote work

The outdoor-gear retailer is abandoning its headquarters even before employees move in. It had planned to occupy the space starting this summer.

No handshakes. A bad economy. These car salesmen shifted tactics — and succeeded.

“I didn’t know this was even possible,” one salesman said. “But I’m never going back to the old way.”
Congressional Democrats urged the USPS not to abandon long-standing practices for election mail processing to ensure the timely delivery of ballots.
No crowd scenes. Few locations. Limited romance. Hollywood entertainment is about to get really strange.
Stein Mart, Brooks Brothers and J.C. Penney are among the national brands that have filed for bankruptcy during the coronavirus crisis. Analysts say many others are likely to follow.
Hailed as "heroes" at the onset of the pandemic, supermarket employees say they are overworked, overwhelmed and feel expendable again.
Critics have seized on the report as another sign that the Trump administration is abandoning commitments to uphold worker safety provisions.

Promoters are misappropriating a legitimate savings practice called a 'sou-sou' to entice people to participate in an illegal pyramid scheme. Here's how to tell the difference and see through promoter arguments that these scams are benefiting Black people.
In Kentucky, unemployment is high, benefits are running out and local leaders say they need the kind of aid that the Senate’s most powerful figure has yet to endorse.
The photography pioneer was poised to use a $765 million government loan to revamp its factories for pharmaceutical production.
Steve Easterbrook received an exit package said to be worth $42 million.
The Cares Act provides relief for taxpayers affected by the coronavirus. But be careful of trying to take advantage of the relief if you have not been impacted by the pandemic, according to IRS guidance.
Trump is saying that he’ll eliminate Social Security tax next year, should he be reelected—and that would likely mean the end of the federal entitlement system as we’ve known it.
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