The estimated cash option alone is nearly $905 million. The Powerball jackpot also continued to swell over the weekend, reaching $620 million, after no tickets matched all six numbers. Drawings will resume this week.
The U.N.-backed fund approved 19 new projects designed to help developing countries tackle climate change, including projects linked to geothermal energy in Indonesia, greener cities in Europe and the Middle East, and coastal protections in India.
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A student smells baijiu samples at a baijiu tasting class in Sichuan University of Science and Engineering. (Luna Lin for The Post)
A student smells baijiu samples at a baijiu tasting class in Sichuan University of Science and Engineering. (Luna Lin for The Post)
Efforts to popularize baijiu, China’s native liquor, are part of Beijing’s push to bring its products to a global market amid fears of greater trade rifts with the U.S.

Tuesday's mind-boggling Mega Millions jackpot will draw players hoping to score the largest lottery jackpot in history.

However, Congress is out of session until after the midterm elections.

Two of the country’s largest e-scooter companies have been accused of gross negligence and a series of assaults stemming from hit-and-run incidents involving pedestrians, according to a class-action lawsuit filed Friday in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

A self-driving ride-hailing company has launched in Arlington, Tex., where a fleet of robot-driven vans ferry people between downtown landmarks, restaurants and sporting events.

Efforts could affect billions of dollars in weaponry made by U.S. contractors.

If you find yourself in the ‘wrong seat,’ jump up but don’t jump to conclusions about what it means

  • Karla Miller
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  • 2 days ago
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The event is separate from the ‘Davos in the Desert’ financial summit that Mnuchin withdrew from on Thursday amid global outrage over the Saudi dissident journalist’s suspected death.

The move signals an attempt for the all-electric automaker to get back to business after months of controversy.

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No, it doesn’t design its products to need rapid replacement.

  • Harry McCracken
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Clegg will take over from Elliot Schrage and could put the company on a stronger footing in Europe.

The ride-sharing company took a $3.5B investment from Saudis in 2016.

As Americans dreamed of luxury, it became increasingly unattainable. Enter the lottery.

  • Jonathan D. Cohen
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  • 2 days ago
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Many parents believe they have little to no obligation to pay the entire cost of college for their children

Everyone now knows the Web is filled with lies. So then how do fake Facebook posts, YouTube videos and tweets keep making suckers of us?

In the past year, prime memberships grew 8 percent -- the lowest annual rate in at least six years -- according to a new report.

More leadership changes could come as the next generation of executives puts its stamp on the private-equity firm.

After years of self-driving hype, companies are taking a more subdued approach to addressing the tough realities of the most complicated robotic system ever built.

In an interview last year, Allen talked about the future he envisioned in space, he was at ease and excited at the possibilities — especially with the advancements in satellite technology.

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Laszlo Bock gives a first look at his new venture Humu, which aims to make work better thru "machine learning, science and love."

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