App for all seasons

WeatherTrends360 is a popular Web site with vacation planners — the site offers weather predictions for up to a year in advance. Now the site has come out with an app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to keep all that information in your pocket. While it’s obviously best to take the app’s long-range predictions with a grain of salt, its predictions have been fairly accurate and the app also offers more useful features than a simple list of predictions. It also has daily and hourly forecasts perfect for party planners and impromptu al fresco dinner plans. For summer beachgoers, it also has other indicators such as ultraviolet radiation and predicted wind and wave patterns. And with world maps, you can get some guidance to see how you should pack for your next trip overseas, too. With so much data, the app can occasionally glitch out or crash, but that didn’t happen enough to be annoying. Users should be aware, however, that the app does need to use the location data to run. 99 cents, iOS devices.

— Hayley Tsukayama