Alex Baker

Manager, Environmental Protection

Agency’s Energy Star Lighting Program

If you put your hand on top of anything that consumes electricity, you’ll find that it’s warm. And energy efficiency really means moving toward things that do what they’re supposed to do without wasting electricity and energy and heat. So that’s really, I think, what’s going to happen with lighting. They’re going to become cooler and cooler. We’ll get more of what we want from them. And as a result also you’ll end up spending less electricity on cooling your home to offset all of that heat from light bulbs.

I love the question about whether a CFL [compact fluorescent light bulb] or an LED is better, because the fact is, whether it’s incandescent, CFL or LED, you can make one that’s great or that’s really terrible. I can design an LED bulb that will last an hour. I can also design one that’ll last 100,000 hours, theoretically.