Kateri Callahan

President, Alliance to Save Energy

I want to dispel three myths. Myth No. 1: The government is banning the incandescent light bulb you love, and it’s mandating CFLs [compact fluorescent light bulbs]. That is simply not true. What the government has done is set standards to make lighting more efficient. You’re still going to be able to buy incandescent along with CFLs, along with light-emitting diodes (LEDs). You’re just going to be able to buy only more efficient ones.

Myth No. 2: Putting these standards in place is killing American jobs. It’s simply not true. Most of the jobs for incandescent bulbs that are on the market today moved offshore a long time ago. Where we’re creating jobs is in research and development and in high-tech manufacturing.

The third myth is that the government is doing this for environmental reasons. For consumers, what this means is they’re going to save . . .money.