Add some extra excitement to your Super Bowl Sunday

This weekend brings Super Bowl Sunday. But while you may be preparing to crowd around a big-screen television, all the cool kids know that the second screen is where it’s at. With the NFL RUSH app, users can catch up on news, follow tweets about the game, and create or vote in polls. Users can also watch video on the app, which features segments on highlights hosted by Deion Sanders as well as episodes and clips from the animated show “NFL RUSH: Season of the Guardians.”

The app is useful all season long — even if your team isn’t in the big game — and will provide information on your team’s schedule. Picking your team of choice also sets the app’s color scheme. NFL RUSH does require users to create an account and asks for users’ names, birthdays, sexes and e-mail addresses. Free, for iOS and Android devices.

— Hayley Tsukayama