Frozen Free Fall
Familiar, if basic, fun

After a never-ending winter, it would probably be cathartic to take a few moments to bust some ice crystals. Disney’s latest hit game, Frozen Free Fall, lets you do that with an app that is, essentially, a branded version of popular puzzle games such as Bejeweled and, yes, Candy Crush Saga. The game’s distinguishing features are mostly in its wrapper, which means that players stand in for characters from the movie.

But there is some sense of progression — if not exactly sophistication — with the title since players start out with just two of the movie’s main characters and have to unlock others — each with their own powers — by advancing in the game. There are plenty of levels to satisfy players, even ones who get deeply addicted. In-app purchases will get you through the game more quickly, but with a little patience, they are by no means necessary. Free, for iOS and Android devices.

Frozen Free Fall offers little more than established games, but it’s still a decent way to indulge. (istockphoto)

Hayley Tsukayama