Simple Sale and give sellers a way to determine how best to list their homes by showing them what they'd get by using a traditional real estate agent, a discount agent and an instant buyer. (Keith Srakocic/AP)

Many consumers are accustomed to entering a date and a place and having an instant array of options comparing costs for flights, hotels and car rentals.

Two recently launched websites promise a similar experience for home sellers, giving them a tool to compare what they’d get by listing with a traditional real estate agent, a discount agent and an instant buyer also known as iBuyers.

Both Simple Sale and are free to consumers and both require homeowners to enter some basic information such as their address, the condition of their home, their timeline for selling and whether they want to sell fast or hold out for the highest price. Machine learning generates price estimates and recommendations for homeowners.

“We built Simple Sale for home sellers and agents to better understand their options,” says J.J. McCarthy, general manager of Simple Sale at HomeLight, a website that connects buyers and sellers with agents and instant buyers. “Simple Sale sifts through preferences from over 100 iBuyers nationwide and gives price estimates for each option, so users can be confident in their decision, whether they choose to list with a local agent or sell to an iBuyer."

Simple Sale also recommends agents to sellers based on HomeLight’s data on which agents sell the most in their area and price range.’s system was developed as a response to the myriad new options for home sellers in recent years, says Matt Woods, president of

“New tech-enabled models have emerged that provide home sellers with alternative approaches to the standard process and commissions associated with selling,” says Woods. “The challenge for homeowners is understanding what options are available to them in their local market and then identifying which provider to engage. There is a definite void that has emerged that fills by offering an unbiased education and matchmaking service that connects home sellers with the best suited professional to assist in achieving their objectives.”

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