Participants will learn about a variety of issues, including staging and financing. (John Bazemore/AP)

Information sessions for first-time home buyers can be a reliable source of advice and insight into a complex transaction. Homeowner seminars are less common.

Loudoun County, Va., real estate agent Yvonne Holland of Pearson Smith Realty will combine information for both homeowners and first-time buyers at a Real Estate Realities seminar to be held March 26.

Participants at the free seminar will learn:

• How to organize and store items long before you’re ready to sell, from Maria White, owner of Enuff with the Stuff.

• What a home inspector can find and which items are the most expensive issues to have a home inspector check, from Mike Mallott, owner of Checkmark Home Inspection Services.

• How staging works and why it matters, from accredited stager and agent Holland.

• How credit and mortgages work, what you can and can’t do quickly to improve your credit and how to set up a financial plan, from Nichole Curtis, a residential lending specialist with Sierra Pacific Mortgage.

The free seminar will be held March 26 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at Baker’s Crust, 19890 Belmont Chase Dr. in Ashburn, Va. To reserve your space, email