While most first-time home buyers are savvier than ever because of the abundance of educational material available, sometimes an off-the-cuff comment can have an impact on their real estate transaction.

Real estate agents provide tips in Realtor.com’s just-released guide to buying a house and securing a mortgage, “The Essential First-Time Home Buyer’s Book,” including what not to say.

Here are five real-life examples of phrases that first-time buyers have said in front of sellers and their listing agents. Making similar comments may backfire on home buyers:

1. “This is my dream house!”— gushing leads sellers to believe you’ll do anything for the house and play hardball accordingly.

2. “That couch is hideous”— never insult the home seller’s taste.

3. “I can’t wait to rip out that swing set”— home sellers with memories in the home might not want to hear about all the changes you’ll make.

4. “I can afford to spend x” — you’ve tipped your hand too much.

5. “Why are you selling?”— likewise, sellers don’t want you to pry.

Also in the book, home buyers can find insights into the worst homes for first-time buyers, advice on cleaning up their credit score, information on how to determine what you can afford, loan programs and step-by-step advice on making an offer, negotiating a purchase, having a home inspection and appraisal and getting to the closing.

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