When staging your home to put on the market, don’t forget that the exterior needs as much attention as the inside.

Replacing the front door and your garage doors and adding stone veneer to the exterior have the highest return on investment, according to the most recent Cost vs. Value Report.

There are lots of ways to achieve that, says Michael Winn, owner of Winn Design + Build. A covered portico or porch can create a welcoming appearance, he says.

A less expensive way to quickly improve your curb appeal, he says, is a fresh coat of paint, such as a splash of color at the door, and freshening up the landscaping, including adding greenery and flowers.

“Symmetry is pleasing to the eye and creates a sense of order,” Winn said in an email. “You can create symmetry with lighting, planters, decorations and more to appeal to buyers.”

Pamela Harvey, principal of Pamela Harvey Interiors, suggests staging your exterior space to complement your interior.

“Follow the general color scheme from the indoor room that flows out to the exterior,” she said in an email. “If your kitchen is blue and white, carry this outdoors as well to create a cohesive feel.”

A simple way to add new plants and flowers, Harvey suggests, is to buy oversized pots and planters and group two or three together for impact.

“If you don’t have a green thumb, buy easy-maintenance plants,” she says. “One large Boston fern will fill up an entire planter.”

Adding or replacing outdoor furniture can make it easier for buyers to visualize enjoying entertaining and relaxing outside, Harvey suggests.

“Mix it up! Don’t buy an entire matching set of furniture,” she says. “Add some colorful garden seats as drink tables. Consider adding a cocktail table in a different color.”

When you’re selling your home and don’t want to overspend, it’s possible to find inexpensive outdoor furniture at yard sales or discount stores. A bit of garden cleanup, a new table and chairs and a freshly painted front door can go a long way to catch the eyes of buyers.