Cynthia Dorfman and her husband, Jonathan Dorfman, have owned their North Bethesda, Md., home since 1987. Cynthia told us about her favorite room in the house: the family room.

Growing up in old homes — my grandmother’s Victorian-style, my mother’s Federal-style — I knew the tending of such, so we opted for a house built by Kettler Brothers in the 1960s, which follows the footprint of a New England farmhouse. The family room has hosted my children, parents and siblings. It also has gathered distant relatives through my grandmother’s Davenport sofa, my great-grandfather’s chair and a maiden godmother’s Pembroke table, marred and scarred into its third century. This room holds the purchases of my youthful paychecks: a secretary bought at the Waterford Apple Butter Festival and a coffee table from a Danish artist.

My children’s friends call it the “Log Cabin Room” — it can be dark with the brick wall and hearth lined with Crocs, as well as the skis and snowshoes from my grandmother’s childhood. Another wall displays an oil painting of a shadowy forest scene. I call it my “Adirondack Room” after my birthplace along the Black River of New York.

The room has a single window where my husband sits in the wing chair his mother bought at an estate sale. The sun beams in across the wild garden in the morning while he reads the newspaper.

This room holds the past but flexes with the future. When my toddler grandsons visit, we move the furniture aside and substitute climbing blocks and a train tunnel. This family room is large enough to hold memories as well as play things for rainy days of summer or the snowy winters to come.

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