While many people want a home with plenty of natural light and an airy look, the reality is that not every room can face south for maximum daylight. Some rooms lack big windows, and others have natural light obstructed by trees or nearby buildings.

We asked Keira St. Claire, a senior designer with Anthony Wilder Design/Build in Cabin John, Md., to share some tips on how to create a light and bright home that will extend the summer season into the fall.

Here are her ideas:

· Bring the outdoors in with fresh flowers and leafy greens.

· Add mirrors — the bigger the better. They will not only help create the illusion of more space but also will reflect light in. If your home calls for mirrors on a smaller scale, mirrored side tables and cocktail tables can help spread light, as well.

· Decorate with natural fibers and woven textures like sisal rugs, wicker and rattan to give your space a relaxed summer vibe. If you like a more vibrant energetic look, you can spray-paint old furniture in bright colors, pastels, metallics or light neutral colors.

· Swap your heavier winter bedding, throw pillows, blankets and window coverings with cool, light breathable fabrics like linens. A linen slipcover will instantly transform a chair or sofa.

· Select lighter, more weathered wood finishes. Go with distressed or white painted pieces for a laid-back feel.

· Transparent furniture of acrylic or glass is great for making a space feel airier.

· Play with bright, cheery colors or pastels for throw pillows, accents and artwork. Bright artwork is an easy way to freshen up your walls.

· Fill your fruit bowls with in-season fruits in bright colors: oranges, lemons and limes. Update your table settings with bright colors, as well.