Judy and Raoul Wientzen have owned their home in North Arlington since 1984. Judy told us what they love about their home:

Our frame home in North Arlington dates back to the early 1900s. It was a summer home for a family living in the District, set on a hill on what had been a dairy farm. We bought it in 1984 and enlarged it in 1991 to accommodate our four children.

Our favorite space is the gazebo we put on at that time.

Octagonal in shape, 14 feet wide, the gazebo is attached to the extant front porch of the house. Because of that, it stands seven feet above the front yard and allows us to look through graceful white columns down on the seasonal beauty there, as house wrens and robins zoom by our heads like birds in the air of paradise.

Over the years, we developed the yard in the form of a French clos (a walled vineyard), giving us privacy from a busy street corner. Ancient huge azaleas (they were big and old when we started caring for them 35 years ago), dogwoods, a red maple, a coral bark maple, white hydrangeas, three redbuds and leaping viburnum form an enclosure around a central green lawn.

In the spring, the azaleas, redbuds and dogwoods are a riot of color. It looks like a whimsical clown has come to our yard with 20 cans of spray paint — whites, pinks, reds, corals, magentas, purples — just for our joy!

In the summer, the shining green lawn plays off the pinks and reds of bordering astilbe, the white daggers of viburnum and the snowy globes of hydrangeas.

In the fall, the maples burn in reds. The grass darkens in green. The azaleas exhale their scent, a spice unnameable.

Winter comes. We put away our outdoor couches, benches and chairs. In their place, a lighted Christmas tree and the hope for a blanket of snow.

In this new ongoing feature, we ask homeowners what they love most about their home. If you would like to share your story, please send a photo of the room/feature you love (preferably with you in the photo, too) and 300 to 350 words describing the space and why you love it to: mlerner@gmail.com.