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What I love about my home in D.C.'s Cathedral Heights

It's not the Ritz, but 25-year-old Chris Monaco says he loves his one-bedroom condo in D.C.'s Cathedral Heights. (Chris Monaco)
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Chris Monaco has owned his condo in Cathedral Heights in Northwest Washington since June 2019. He shared with us the pride of ownership of a young first-time buyer:

I closed on my one-bedroom condo across the street from Washington National Cathedral a few months shy of my 25th birthday. For every fellow 20-something friend of mine who was happy to see me settling down, there was another perplexed as to why I choose to chain myself to a 30-year mortgage and a somewhat sleepy neighborhood just steps away from where I went to college. They encouraged me to instead expand my horizons in a new part of town or put the money toward a trip around the world.

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To be honest, there was a moment when I wondered if I’d made a mistake tying up almost every penny I had in a 479-square-foot condo in need of some sprucing up. Within hours of picking up the keys at closing I found myself standing in the condo by myself for the first time. It was early afternoon on a stiflingly hot summer day. For the first time, my Realtor wasn’t there with me extolling the virtues of the unit’s ceiling fans and south-facing windows. For the first time it was just me, some scuffed up walls and an air conditioner that suddenly seemed much louder than it had been before.

Alas, I had no choice but to set my doubts aside and make the place my own. Out with carpet, in with hardwood. Out with beige walls, in with the “Repose Grey” recommended by my painter. And that Realtor who sold me on the place? He ended up spending a Sunday afternoon with me installing new doorknobs (take it from me, nice doorknobs make a difference).

It’s still not the Ritz, but with the help of simple shapes and complimentary colors, I’m proud to have this clean, comfortable, quiet place to call home.

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