If you’re in a one-bedroom apartment or condo, you may feel it’s too small for you to enjoy. In many newer buildings, bedroom space has been shrinking in favor of larger living areas, a luxury bathroom and a bigger closet. No matter what size bedroom you have, some design choices can make the room seem larger and calmer — more like the haven you crave.

We asked Tracy Morris, owner of Tracy Morris Design in McLean, Va., for her advice on how to make a small bedroom feel larger.

Here are the tips Morris recommended in an email:

  • Choose the right-size rug. Use a rug that is as large as possible. A small rug makes the space feel smaller. The rug should fill the room while not going under the nightstands or dresser. Be sure to add a rug pad for extra softness.
  • Pick the right lamps. Lamps should be around 30 inches tall to add height to the space. Use bulbs that are 2700k for a warm, cozy light in the space.
  • Layer window treatments to add softness. Use a sheer-lined Roman shade that lets light in the space, but that you can keep down during the day for privacy. Layer drapery with blackout lining on top for light protection.
  • Don’t use undersized furniture. In small spaces it is tempting to use small pieces, but it can have the opposite effect and make the space feel even smaller.
  • Use a variety of finishes. Using different complementary finishes adds visual interest to the space. A space that is too matchy-matchy can feel very heavy.
  • Paint the walls and trim in the same color. Using two different colors chops up the space. Use a matte finish on the walls and a semi-gloss on the trim.
  • Use a light color on the wall. Paint options include Benjamin Moore Tapestry Beige OC-32 and Benjamin Moore London Fog 1541.
  • Choose artwork that inspires. Artwork is a very personal thing but try to find something that speaks to you and is calming. Opt for a single large piece of artwork instead of a gallery wall, which can break up the space and feel overwhelming.

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