Three years ago, Emily and Dustin Pease purchased a newly built home at Embrey Mill, a planned community in Stafford, Va. The single-family home accommodates the family of eight, their dog and the Sweet Pease Bakery, Emily’s home-based business. Emily told us via email what they love about their home:

Our real estate agent bought a Miller & Smith home and brought us to visit Embrey Mill to check out a model. My husband, Dustin, stayed in the car with all the kids, and I was the first to see the home.

I didn’t want to be an easy sell and tried really hard to hide my emotions and excitement during the tour. I sent Dustin in to check it out after my visit, and I stayed with the kids. He came back to the car saying, “I’m sold, just put down the deposit.”

After living in apartments and base housing for years in the Marine Corps, the usability of space became super important to us as a big family. The floor plan is what drew us in. It offered smart space, specifically for solid storage space. With six kids, extra closet space quickly becomes a must-have.

But the extra large kitchen island is what really won us over. Both my husband and I went to culinary school before the Marine Corps. Seeing the open floor plan coupled with the bar/kitchen island was perfect. I envisioned getting all the kids involved with the cooking and baking during mealtime.

Overall, we really enjoyed the process of buying new as I preferred something more turnkey. Growing up with parents who were always renovating and redoing homes, we craved seamless and easy for our family.

It’s hard to choose just one room that we love. Upstairs, we love the double-door entrance to the owners’ bedroom, plus having the laundry room on the top floor. I can’t tell you how much time that floor-plan feature saves me.

But the fully finished basement is a huge perk. It adds so much more space.

We went big, I mean really big, with windows and upgraded to add every window possible. It’s especially great for the basement with the constant light.

I would say the neighborhood is what we now love most about our home. Last year, both Dustin and I needed emergency surgery. All it took was one quick call and the neighbors were on hand to help with meals, taking the kids to school, taking care of dog — you name it. More recently, my car broke down on the highway. Who helped me out? Another Embrey Mill neighbor down the street pulled right up and gave me a lift home. It’s such a peace of mind and safety net knowing there’s help when things go sideways — as they often do. This neighborhood is freakishly kind. Everyone is really trying to make it a really good community.

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