President Biden promised to get more relief to Americans quickly to help people survive financially until the coronavirus pandemic is under control. A key part of his proposal is to get another round of payments directly to U.S. households.

On Monday, House Democrats introduced a proposal that would send $1,400 payments to individuals earning $75,000 or less and $2,800 to married couples earning $150,000 or less.

Some economists, Republicans and moderate Democrats have argued that this third round of “economic impact payments” — more commonly referred to as “stimulus checks” or “relief payments” — should go only to the hardest-hit families. This new Democratic proposal is a compromise: The vast majority of people who received a prior stimulus payment will get one again, although the most affluent families would be left out.

Below are more details about the latest plan, which the House and the Senate would have to pass before it could be signed into law.

Economic stimulus or economic relief: Here’s what we know about who might qualify for the next round of coronavirus checks and how much they’ll get. (Monica Rodman, Sarah Hashemi, Monica Akhtar/The Washington Post)

What to know

  • Who would get a $1,400 payment?
  • How big would payments be for kids?
  • When could the payments start going out?
  • How much would this third round of stimulus payments cost?
  • Will the payments be based on 2019 income or 2020 income?
  • Would ‘adult dependents’ get a payment this time?